Left frothing about Santorum's birth control remarks but that just confirms he's right

Former Senator Rick Santorum, a frequent and easy target for the Left’s Illuminati, gave a speech at the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, in which he said

It would be less objectionable to me for the government to go out and say we’re going to pay for all the pharmacies to stock contraception and give them out free,” Santorum said. “Am I paying for it indirectly? Yes, through my taxes, but I pay for a lot of things with my taxes that I don’t like.

Right-Wing Watch picked up a two-minute clip of the speech, which made the rounds at Salon and Daily Kos.  Reactions were predictably frothing-at-the-mouth, this from Kos:

In Santorum’s worldview, Barack Obama is so sinister that his policy outcomes are not motivated by the most ideal ideological outcome, or even the pragmatism of what could get passed through Congress. No, in the feverish, deluded and conspiratorial mindset of the right, Obama and the Democrats make their decisions by whom they can oppress.

And Salon:

What actually motivates the administration, according to Santorum? A desire to force Christians to betray their own consciences and “bow to Caesar.”

The Lefties who read this are supposed to react with smirking tut-tuts, dismissing such statements as lunacy.  Except that really, they have a desire to force Christians to betray their consciences and “bow to Caesar”.

Except that “pragmatism of what could get passed through Congress” is doublespeak for “Democrats passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote”.

And yes, Obama and the extreme left-wing Democrats do make decisions based on whom they can oppress.  Santorum is right:  the backlash from a government program to universally and directly provide birth control  with our tax dollars would be far worse than the back door approach of regulating it as a coverage for mandatory health insurance.  The cowards in the White House and the Democrat party leadership would not want to face that kind of backlash, since they wouldn’t have an easy target of “evil theocratic employers” such as the Green family (who own Hobby Lobby).

It’s amazing how easy it is to judge the truth by how hard the Left tries to deny and dismiss it in their reaction.  “Whoever smelt it dealt it” and “whoever supplied it denied it” come to mind.  Any fifth-grader can pinpoint from whence the stink cometh here.