"lifeofgrace" no more


I have decided to come out of the closet.

Not that closet.

I have been posting as “lifeofgrace” which is my username.  Today I am starting to post as my real name, Steve Berman.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  It’s not to comply with the Russian blogger regulations or other sites’ rules about using your real name.  It’s more about not hiding behind a moniker.  The moniker “lifeofgrace” is real and has a history, but I’ll cover that in another diary when I have more time to write about it.

Seeing people like Amy Kushnir, who made a very compelling spectacle of herself (in a good way) by showing the courage of her convictions, publicly, was the catalyst that threw me over the edge.

I had various reasons for maintaining some anonymity, however tenuous.  My job, my family, that kind of stuff.  But really, anyone with a keyboard (real or virtual) could find me by searching for “lifeofgrace” – my twitter handle, my Facebook page, that is all out there to see.

So why not come out and be me?

I look forward to continuing to participate in RedState as Steve, and hope you who read my diary will enjoy it just as much from ol’ Steve as you did (or didn’t) as “lifeofgrace”.