Google retaliates against RedState (and others)


Google has been busy doing a bit more than making creepy headwear and finishing your search requests for you (by reading your mind).  They appear to have engaged in a hissy-fit of retaliation against anyone who calls them out.

On April 30, this article was published on RS “Google hires NARAL to justify banning crisis pregnancy center ads“.  Then it appeared in the RedState Morning Briefing the next morning.

A few days ago I noticed I had stopped getting Erick’s Morning Briefing emails.  I have some email rules set up to move certain emails I read daily into a folder called “Dailies”, so I checked my email rules, no issues there.  I was about to email the mods and ask what happened, but being a techie, I decided to check my junk email folder.




There it is!  Tucked neatly along with emails from Sen. Ted Cruz, IJ Review, and Corry Bliss (Karen Handel’s campaign manager).

Now I know I didn’t designate those emails as spam, I never clicked the “junk mail” button on them.  I used to get them in my inbox regularly, all of them.  Then suddenly, gmail (Google) just started moving these emails to junk.

Google would never retaliate against some political blog with whom they just happen to disagree about, well, everything, would they?

Apparently so.  I think I might consider moving my email to another platform, one that doesn’t make decisions about what I should be reading for me.