Voxster Beauchamp's outrageous anti-Israel lies

Zack Beauchamp (BEE-chum)

The Leftist hipster vox.com is like Wikipedia with made-up facts.   The voxsters just put a hip face on the same old tired lies.

The latest fiction relates to “Everything you need to know about Israel-Palestine”.  There’s so much falsehood and outright Jew hatred here that it’s hard to know where to start.

The “card stack” (voxsters are too hip for normal articles) was written by a fellow named Zack Beauchamp (hiply pronounced BEE-chum).  BEE-chum is the editor of a site called ThinkProgress, and I think you can guess what kind of Leftist tripe is published there.  He’s got the proper progressive pedigree with degrees from Brown University and the London School of Economics.

Brown is well known for its anti-semitic leanings, in fact their “Middle-East Studies” department arranged a conference open only to anti-Israel speakers, shutting out anyone with a pro-Israel viewpoint.  Some kind of inclusiveness and academic diversity there, huh?  Perhaps the card stack should be called “everything a terror apologist anti-Israel Leftist needs for talking points to ignorant hip twentysomethings”.

Thanks for enlightening everyone, Mr. BEE-chum, with your “facts”.  I think you were born in the wrong generation, really, and the wrong part of the world.  With your intellect and insatiable capacity for propaganda, you would have made Pravda proud in the 1960’s.  You would have made an excellent teacher for the re-education camps in Cambodia, or the cultural revolution in Maoist China.

Here’s a small selection of lies, half-baked lies, and outrages.

An early United Nations plan to give each group part of the land failed, and Israel and the surrounding Arab nations fought several wars over the territory.

Whole books have been written on the subject, and BEE-chum has boiled it down to a sentence, and managed to hide the truth at the same time.  Bravo.  I recommend reading “A Safe Haven: Harry S. Truman and the Founding of Israel” by Ronald Radosh.  The facts: UN Resolution 181(II) was known as the “partition plan” for Israel.  This plan was accepted by the Jewish Agency, on behalf of Jews around the world, and the 600,000 starving refugees still in the same liberated death camps two years after the end of WWII.  The Arab League unanimously walked out and rejected the plan, stating that they will never accept Jews in Palestine.  At least they’ve remained consistent for the last 66 years.

On May 14, 1948, without any agreement on the partition plan, the British mandate for governing Palestine expired.  The Brits struck the Union Jack over Jerusalem and left, and immediately the new Israeli government raised the blue and white Star of David flag.  The next day, five Arab armies attacked.  This is not even debatable.  It’s history.

Zionism is Israel’s national ideology.

That’s like saying that the Democratic Party is America’s national ideology (then again, BEE-chum might believe that too).  Zionists were just one group of Israel’s founders.  There was a significant non-Zionist element present.  The fact is that Israel was declared a Jewish State only by a slim majority and compromise; many of the founders wanted a completely secular state, with Arabs and Jews living without any religious or cultural boundaries.  The Israeli Declaration of Independence does not even directly mention God (ironic considering that the American one does, and often).  Only an anti-Zionist would make that kind of sweeping generalization.

Israeli forces defeated the Palestinian militias and Arab armies in a vicious conflict that turned 700,000 Palestinian civilians into refugees.

Here he’s highlighted the “700,000 Palestinian civilians into refugees,” as if this one thing is the most important.  It’s totally outrageous.  First, many of those Arabs dwelling in Israel had moved there from other Arab countries to counter the influx of Jewish refugees from Europe.  These were not families who had inhabited the land for centuries.

Second, most of the refugees left because they were encouraged to leave by the invading Arab armies seeking to push the fledgling Israeli Defense Forces into the sea.  They were promised to be given the Jews’ lands and possessions once the war was over.  But the Arabs lost, and the new Arab refugees were not allowed into the Arab countries of their origin, and no country would admit them, preferring to leave them to pressure Israel (for 65 years!).  There was a not-insignificant number of Arabs who were evicted by the IDF, mostly for tactical battle reasons, and some who were evicted for racial hatred, but it was far from the ethnic-cleansing that the anti-Zionists claim.

Third, many of the refugees returned to their land in Israel at the end of the war, before Israel closed the borders, and some had never left.  These Arabs enjoy full Israeli citizenship, and can serve in the Knesset (Parliament), the IDF, and hold any job any Israeli can hold.

Arabs will eventually outnumber Jews in Israel-Palestine, if they don’t already. For Israel, which sees itself as both Jewish and democratic, this poses an existential crisis. If Arabs outnumber Jews and are allowed to vote, then it’s the end of a Jewish state. But if Arabs outnumber Jews and aren’t allowed to vote, then Israel is no longer a democracy. That’s the force of the South Africa analogy you often see in this debate: a Jewish state that represses an Arab majority would feel an awful lot like a form of apartheid.

The outrageous lie here is to give the anti-Israel crowd their cake to have, and let them eat it too.  Israel has already given self-governance and self-determination to Palestinian Arabs.  In fact, all the land in the West Bank and Gaza is governed by either the Palestinian Authority (West Bank) or Hamas (Gaza).  The Gazans voted Hamas in themselves, although a bloody purge cemented its power.


And the most pathetic lie:

The spark that lit this powder keg was a series of Palestinian demonstrations that Israeli soldiers fired on. Palestinian militants subsequently escalated to broader violence, and the PA refused to reign them in. Unlike the First Intifada, Palestinian tactics centered on suicide bombings, rocket attacks, and sniper fire – which Israel met with even deadlier force.

The “militants” were not reigned in by the PA because they were the PA.  Israel did not retaliate with deadlier force, it defended itself and built a wall.  The rocket attacks, kidnappings, and slaughter of innocents have not abated, only the suicide attacks have ended due to the wall and checkpoints.

Lies, more lies, and damnable lies.  And they call this “understanding the news.”

I can’t fix vox.com (it’s not fixable), and I certainly can’t fix Zack Beauchamp.  I will, however, pray that the voxsters find a fitting end to their hipster Leftist internet experiment, and go back to regular propaganda, or better, that they become enlightened with the real truth.