Lost in Space


Reince Priebus and I are best buds.

Yep, in fact, he emails me every single day.  Usually asking for money.  The latest one had an offer that almost can’t be refused.

A group of donors is so motivated and so passionate about building a permanent ground that they have agreed to match any donation you make before midnight tomorrow night.

I feel like I’m in the TV show Lost In Space, not the 1998 movie with Matt LeBlanc, but the TV show with the bubble-headed robot and nefarious Dr. Smith.

The GOP is the ship (the Jupiter 2), Priebus is the pilot (Major West), and we (the “rank and file”) are the Robinson family along for the ride.  Oh yeah, there’s also a robot, constantly saying “danger, Will Robinson”.

The problem is that the GOP doesn’t have the way home, and is going from place to place, fighting the evil aliens, without actually getting anywhere.  But they spend a lot of money doing it.  There are 233 Republicans in the House, leaving 202 Democrat seats to contest this cycle*, at an average cost of $1.6 million, plus contested seats in GOP held districts.  All told, we’re talking a cool half-billion for the House.  I’d say the Senate has a chance of hitting the same half-billion number.  Of course, not all that money flows through the party’s hands.  Local fundraising, PACs, and rich donors make up a large chunk of the political funding pie.

I want the GOP to win both houses of Congress, but not at the cost of getting home.  This means that we have to have leadership and candidates who support the values we as Republicans hold dear, not the values of the Washington D.C. establishment.

Maybe if we stuck to just a few points, we can have a general direction home?

  • Repeal Obamacare, repeal it not fix it
  • Stop the growth of government in all directions – not slow it down, not cut the rate of increase, stop it

If Republicans can’t get agreement on these two points in the 2014-2016 session, hopefully with control of both houses of congress, then we’ve failed, regardless of how many (R)’s are next to names on the roll call.

If we can’t get break through the 24-hour news cycle into voters’ minds and hearts, and motivate them to support real issue candidates, not straw men and incumbents, then the GOP will remain lost in space.

*not all seats are contested, I know this