Teaching gender identity is lying to our kids


Men and women think and act differently, and now that’s a government-approved fact.

The National Institutes of Mental Health, a federal agency with a budget of just under $1.5 billion, paid for a study to determine if men’s brains and women’s brains are wired differently.

They might well have also studied whether men can give birth, or women can father children.

This study, while good for the researchers who got to look at nearly 1,000 brain scans of men and women, and write scholarly papers based on their observations, contributed to the sum total of human knowledge in this way:


I cannot think of a burning question to which the answer could be more obvious and universally known.  But since it’s now been submitted to rigorous scientific examination, let’s discuss the topic.

A great anecdotal example of how men and women think is this article mostly attributed to Dave Barry that’s all over the Web (here and here).  Women think in long, interrelated chains of possibilities, cause, effect, nuances, and simulations, linked with emotions and feelings.  Men think serially, and move from fact to fact, making mental notes along the way.

Anyone who doesn’t know this is mentally incapable of grasping much else.  From our earliest age, we see how men and women think differently, and in fact, are, different, biologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As children, we learn this by observing our parents, and this is the area I wish to discuss.

Based on the study, the differences between men and women, and boys and girls, are biologically programmed.  These are not learned differences.

What difference does that make?  A whole lot.

Whether a boy or girl believes they are different from the opposite sex in profound ways, or not, they are different.  In profound ways.

A movement toward a genderless, and gender-identity-based society is gaining traction, in academia, and in law.  The movement is based on the belief that

Gender is performative, it is comprised of routinised bodily and speech practices, rather than the manifestation of an ‘inner essence’.

This is rubbish.

This nonsense has found a voice in our society only because single-parent families account for over 30% of children; in 2012, 24.75 million children were raised in single parent homes, the vast majority by single mothers.  These children don’t see an interaction between male and female thinking in their home environment, so they have little basis to challenge what they’re told.

A man can’t think like a woman.  His brain doesn’t work that way.

Telling a boy that he can be a she based on behavior is teaching a scientific falsehood.  Yet that’s exactly what the genderless movement is teaching.

No matter how much you tell a little girl that she can grow up to be a man, she is going to think with a woman’s brain, and process the world and organize her thoughts like a woman.

These maps show us a stark difference–and complementarity–in the architecture of the human brain that helps provide a potential neural basis as to why men excel at certain tasks, and women at others

The NIMH study shows that men and women excel at complementary tasks.  This means we complete one another at a very basic level.  Whether you believe in a God-created world or humans evolved from goo and apes, the fact remains that we exist as interlocking pieces, physically, and also mentally.

It’s damaging and unfair to raise children to believe in some myth where we get to choose what gender we are based on some emotional desire or “inner essence”.  These children ultimately grow up with a very shallow understanding of such basic concepts as attraction, love, family, and child-rearing.

It’s shallow because they are being taught that any group of people living together with shared physical attraction and friendship constitutes a family in every sense.  I get it that family can be viewed in many senses:  a work family, a church family, people we love.  But there are different kinds of love:  pure physical attraction and emotional compatibility can be love, a brotherly or sisterly affection can be love, and the love between a mother or father and child is also love.  But the love bond between a husband and wife is different than any other love bond.

The husband-wife love bond is based on the complementary differences between men and women.  A lifelong marriage based on mutual love, respect, and commitment reinforces that bond.  In other words, men and women are hard wired to support each other’s strengths and weaknesses at a very basic mental level, and marriage creates the strong bond and behavior that maximizes those.

The same cannot be said about same-sex marriages.  It can’t be said because two men don’t have complementary brains.  Neither do two women.  Men can be with men, and women can be with women in long term relationships, but it’s a lot harder, because they are working against the natural (yes, natural) function of their brains.

In fact, same-sex relationships are characterized by much higher incidences of breakups, promiscuity, and violence.

I understand that some men and women are physically or emotionally attracted to the same sex.  Some of this is based on negative experiences or abuse in their past.  Science now tells us that, hard as they try, men can’t complete each other, and women can’t complete each other in the basic ways their brains are hard wired.  Teaching our children otherwise is lying to them.

The Bible told us that 3,000 years ago.

But now we have a government-funded study too.