Just stop it!


There’s a whole bunch of Redstate readers, and from that I assume a whole bunch of conservatives, who are missing a huge point.

The left says their ends justify the means.  By this they use every lie, manipulation, propaganda, exclusionary tactic, and coercion to achieve their ends.  I get that.

I say: the means are everything.

And I get heaped on by readers saying:

If we continue with your approach, ruling certain means out of bounds to maintain the ‘lifeofgrace’, the inevitable result is a fracturing of this country, along violent lines.


We’ve tried it your way. The progressives have used our Marquis of Queensbury approach to win incremental victories, leading to the present tipping point.


“Perhaps manners can take a back seat for a while…”

This is what I’ve been saying for a long time now. But every time I do, I get responses along the lines of “We can’t sink to their level” or “God is in control, just roll with it”.

Okay.  Let’s get this straight.

Stop conflating “the means are everything” with a soft approach.  They are not the same thing.

I wrote that we need a social revolution, yes I’m quoting myself (that’s how frustrated I am).

Love and fortitude:  love for God, for family, for freedom, and the fortitude to stand without compromise for our beliefs.  Oh yes, we will be accused, fired, persecuted, jailed, railroaded, denigrated, humiliated, and marginalized.  But we will not be silenced if we stand in love and fortitude.


We can get loud, we can even get angry and outraged, but we can’t fight tit-for-tat using manipulation, lies, and exclusionary tactics.  We must engage in love, and that means using the truth, and not compromising it for the sake of being “understood” or gaining sympathy.

Conservatives will be marginalized if we don’t all join together and do more than reading a blog and commenting on it.  We have to take our fight out to the street, to the culture, the workplace and the town square.

But please, stop saying that we have to fight back using the left’s tactics, and stop saying that we can’t win without saying the ends justify the means.

The means are everything.  But the ends are too important to abandon our principles in order to achieve them.