Update on Mozilla - stunning hypocrisy

I agree with Moe Lane’s front-page post:  dump Firefox!


It’s not just about Brendan Eich stepping away from his career of the last 15 years.  It’s not about forcing a man out of his job because of a private donation to a political cause (not the KKK or Hamas or Al Queda).  It’s about the stunning hypocrisy that Mozilla exhibited about this entire outrage.

Mozilla Executive Chairwoman Mitchell Baker gave a tearful interview with The Guardian, and you’d think Eich went home and slaughtered his family with an axe based on her reaction.

“That was shocking to me, because I never saw any kind of behavior or attitude from him that was not in line with Mozilla’s values of inclusiveness,” she said, noting that there was a long and public community process about what to do about it in which Eich, then CTO, participated. “But I overestimated that experience.”

Really?  This is now the litmus test of ability to run a corporation?

“…we are heading into a period of global mass surveillance and the role of those fighting against will be more important than ever.

If it was not for the gay press going through every single donation to the Proposition 8 cause and correlating that with donors who held influential positions or jobs of responsibility, then Eich’s views would be where he kept them:  private.

Apparently Baker believes that “global mass surveillance” is bad, except when it’s done to make public the private views of people who don’t agree with her.  Then it’s okay to use that to force people out of their careers.

Now that the man who created Javascript is gone, Baker is free to have Firefox report people’s browsing habits in the name of diversity.  Don’t be surprised one day if you visit a website on the SPLC’s “hate list” like the American Family Association and then find a pink slip on your desk.


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