Kerry's Pollyanna Mideast Peace Obsession


It seems like every US Secretary of State since Kissinger falls victim in some way to the hubris of being the Messiah to bring peace to the Middle East.

John Kerry has a particularly bad case of this.

The latest round of fruitless talks ended in mutual accusations and acrimony, but according to the Jerusalem Post

While Palestinian sources described an acrimonious meeting with Israeli negotiators early Thursday morning, US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the talks had  “made progress” in narrowing some questions that arose over the last few days.


Last July, Kerry had delusions of a peace plan that could be accepted by Israel and the Palestinians.  While he wasn’t promoting climate change, or chasing  Russian FM Lavrov around like a puppy, he’s been holding court in Jerusalem, counting unicorns and rainbows.

The truth is that with Obama in the White House, any time spent on a mideast peace arrangement is wasted.  It’s not going to happen.  Neither side trusts Obama to keep his word, and the shared contempt between Obama and Netanyahu is no secret.

Even keeping the sides engaged is a waste of time.  It’s not like the Palestinian and Israeli leaders don’t watch each other like hawks every day.

Ultimately, it’s only in Israel’s interest to have a peace arrangement with a functioning government that recognizes its existence.  The Palestinians have neither a functioning government (more like a ruling committee of Mafia families), nor any appetite to recognize Israel’s right to exist.  In fact, the Palestinians even disagree whether the call for Israel’s destruction was really removed from their charter in accordance with the Oslo accords (this doesn’t even touch Hamas whose entire purpose is to destroy Israel).

Kerry’s utter uselessness and self-delusion continue to raise the high water mark for fecklessness every time he speaks.