To control the production of wealth is the control of human life itself.

Think about this, the Constitution was written on four sheets of parchment paper. Counting all 27 Amendments there are 20 typed pages. None of the Amendments make a full page and many are single sentences long. Look at the First Amendment; in 45 words you get freedom of religion, press, assembly, speech, and to be able to petition the government for redress of grievances. The Constitution and the Amendments have been instrumental in guiding this country to greatness.

Collectivistcare is tens of thousands of words and several thousand pages, it’s not to give you rights and freedoms but take them away from many. The “social planners” are subjecting the country to their vices, intemperance, immorality etc. These “reprobates” are the great sophists of the modern era, when they speak, it’s probably a lie. Control, control, control that’s all they seek, it’s for the betterment of society, we need to save the unwashed masses from the complete depredation of the planet. Purchase this car, this light bulb, buy this food, believe us when we tell you the “Constitution” is outdated and the “General Welfare clause” gives us complete authoritarian, I meant authority to pursue all our illicit decrees.
The news is filled with what the government is doing or what they can do for you. How they are saving the country from bankruptcy by raising the debt limit, spending and printing more money, remember these policies are good for the country, we just don’t know it. Politicians talk about what they have accomplished for us, what they have done and will do for us.
God, virtue, temperance, morality, justice and of course individualism and creativity is gone from the fabric of American society. Repairing Americas ills starts with “WE’ not ‘THEM’.