Thinking outside of article V

Why shouldn’t a nationwide call for article of amendment to the Constitution outside Article V be plausible? It took 9 sovereign states to ratify the Constitution! If the States and Congress had a massive national urging from, we the people, calling for the adding of an Article of Amendment to the Constitution and this proposing convention put forth an amendment or two for the ratifying convention? Since this amendment was brought up by a majority of the people, it should be considered supreme law of the land under Article VI. James Wilson said” The people may change the Constitution whenever and however they please. This is a right of which no positive institution can ever deprive them.” I believe enough informed people could accomplish this! I have read our country has never pursued a non- article V amendment process? Popular sovereignty is an inalienable right given to us! We should try it; Most in Congress and the President do not seem interested in what is best for “people”. The few should not be able to destroy the many and what was created by givers, not takers! I know James Madison and James WIlson were on seperate sides of this issue and James Madison’s Federalist 39 dealt with this issue. Who then will be the best curator of our Constitution, our country ?  Aristotle stated;” The best legislators are from the middling citizens. Their character makes them govern most wisely and moderatly, at least more so than the very rich or the very poor”. If we don’t start steering this ship, nobody with the best interest of this country will, look at us now. We all know what happens when ships hit icbergs!