Who will decide?

There always seems to be a rush to control people lives when one, disturbed, Anglo person, such as the Tucson person commits a heinous crime. Lets control speech and how or what is said, but who is going to control such speech? What words are going to be the “trigger words,” “you’re a bad politician”, “your policies are bad”, “You’re destroying this country because you spend too much”, and “I am a conservative?” One can only imagine what will transpire from this nonsense. The Alien Sedition Act of 1798 was disgraceful at its best. It was finally removed when Jefferson took office in 1801. John Adams and his party tried to control political opposition and Matthew Lyons, a Congressman, was put in prison for openly rejecting President Adams and his party’s policies. Fast forward to today, will this type of control happen?  You know it will! This policy, along with the “fairness doctrine”…Would it really be fair to listen to people who openly dislike this country? Who think abortion is good, this country is bad, or taking a person’s earned wealth and giving it to people they have entrapped by their policies? Or listening to them tell you that listening to them is good, patriotic, and moral? Will not listening to them equal a crime? I would seriously worry about anybody who tries to control this much of your life. Also, by them trying to control your thought, speech among other aspects of your life, would be like stopping a freight train by lying on the tracks.