Our fathers who are in Washigton D.C


1.         Republicans now have taken control of Congress, will there be a real effort to stop the Obama Care? Or will it be convenient to say there is nothing we can do?

2.       Will there be a real effort to stop out of control spending and cut the deficit, before we   go bankrupt?

3.       How about a 28th amendment to the Constitution, prohibiting the government from not balancing the budget or simply a balanced budget amendment? This was a very pivotal election; hopefully the newly elected people will be optimates, and not have the normal Jeckell and Hyde candidates.

We have now entered into an exigency period in our country. It would seem that Congress and the president have malignity towards the majority of Americans. I believe, as well as many Americans, Democrats and some Republicans have become injudicious in what bills they support and pass. Congress has created execration among the people by calling them xenophobes, bigots by simply expressing their opinions and utilizing, “the rights of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for redress of grievances.” The sophists in Congress have disdain for their languid constituents, who in return have lost faith in the local and federal governments. In the end, government has obliged itself to rule, not govern; the meritocracy has decided to rule through corruption, force, and fear, rather than through mutual confidence.

James Madison said, Federalist no. 51, “One of the main problems of Republican government, was to protect citizens generally from government officials pursuing their self-interested agendas at the expense of their constituents.” Chief Justice Marshall warned in McCulloch vs. Maryland, “Congress could not under the pretext of executing its power, pass laws for the accomplishments of objects not entrusted to the government.”

Polybius, “So when they become fond of office, and find themselves unable to obtain it by their own unassisted efforts and their own merits, they ruin their estates, while enticing and corrupting the common people in every possible way. The founders of this great country, George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, George Mason, Elbridge Gerry, Edmond Randolph, Henry Knox, etc. are among the many who worked assiduously to start and form this country. They were willing to sacrifice their wealth, lives and families to create a one of a kind country, in which we enjoy today. Despite the many different views at the Constitutional Convention, they were able to compromise and give birth to our form of government, much sought after but never duplicated.

Now to the opposite of what I briefly wrote about, we have a Congress that is not willing to sacrifice anything. When they lose their election bid, they are willing to siphon votes from a legitimate candidate. This only gives the pernicious Democrats a chance to win an election. Voting along with Democrats on their bills and changing their principles, even if the bill will be deleterious to the country.

With great urgency, we need to meliorate our economy and our country; Keynesian economics is simply bad for America. With your great experience and influence, let’s write a new chapter for America