Constitutional facts and Constitution

Think about this, the Constitution was written on four sheets of parchment paper. Counting all 27 Amendments there are 20 typed pages, none of these Amendments make a full page and many are single sentences long. Look at the First Amendment; in 45 words you get freedom of religion, press, assembly, speech, and to be able to petition the government for redress of grievances. The Constitution and the Amendments have been instrumental in guiding this country to greatness.

                Take this bill that just passed the House of Representatives, 1200 plus pages and tens of thousands of words, it’s not to give you rights and freedoms but take them away from many. Just a quick side note, the Constitution is approximately 4500 words, that with the Bill of Rights empowering  people, you can see 4500 words and the Bill of Rights are far more powerful than 1200 plus pages and tens of thousands of words.

                The Democratic Party would have you believe the “General Welfare” provision in Article I, Section 8 and the “Commerce Clause” and “Necessary and Proper Clause or Elastic Clause if you will, to pass health care, Cap and trade or any of these bills they deem necessary to decapitate the economy. Here is the “General Welfare” section, The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties imposts and excises, to pay the debt and provide for the Common defense and general welfare of the United States; but all duties imposts and excises shall be uniform throughout the United States. James Madison, in Federalist 41, made it clear “General Welfare” was not written to help others by taking from others. The Democrats meaning of “General Welfare” is way off the mark, Madison notes that the phrase “General Welfare” is found in Articles of Confederation, Article III and has an obvious meaning. Article III  states, hereby severally enter into a firm league of friendship with each other, for their common defense, the security of their liberties, and their mutual and general welfare, binding themselves to assist each other, against all force offered to or attacks made upon them, or any of them, on account of religion, sovereignty, trade, or any pretense whatever.

                James Madison, as you can see, meant what applies to everyone generally, taxes collected to defend our nation, serves the nation generally. The aforementioned meaning is remarkably different then the modern concept of “General Welfare” given to us by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and a majority of the Democratic Party. They would have us believe the penumbra area of the Constitution is where their power lies, such as healthcare, Cap and Trade, abortion, and the taxing of individuals who obtain wealth by the sweat of their brow and simply not by being a Congressional member. Their meaning is called “Particular Welfare” and it’s not in the Constitution, hence their battle cry “General Welfare” is erroneous, the Constitutional meaning is welfare that serves the nation more or less equally.

                During the Virginia ratifying convention, Patrick Henry made many speeches about what the Constitution needed, Dangerous Ambiguities, Legitimate government, Amendments needed, Bill of Rights among many other. During this countries ratifying process for the Constitution, many people contributed to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to ensure limited power of government and the rights of states and people were not impeded upon. This healthcare bill is a far cry from the Constitutions real meaning and what many people fought and died for. There are many reasons to file suit on this bill if it passes the Senate. The First Amendment, Free Exercise Clause, since many people do not believe in abortion and it’s their religious beliefs, they will be forced to pay for abortions regardless if  they like it or not. Free Exercise Clause states; guarantees one rights to practice one religious beliefs or lack thereof, without interference from the government. Establishment Clause, Separation of Church and State, now the government is going to tell faith based hospital, to commit abortion or be fined or lose their license or even the Doctors and nurses with religious convictions.

                Fourth Amendment, seeing nobody will secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizure. The government will look into your bank accounts, taxes, and get forced information from employers. Fifth Amendment, by not paying for this healthcare bill, or purchasing it, we will be admitting to a violation of an unconstitutional law, witnessing against ones ‘self. We will be deprived of life, liberty, and property, without due process of legitimate law, life ,because you’re medical will be rationed when this bill runs out of money and your Doctor can’t see you for months, liberty, because when you are in jail and you will not have liberty or property. This reverts back to jail, you will not be working, I guess this means another housing crisis, credit crisis etc.

                Sixth Amendment, well if everybody is in jail or in the process, you can’t have a speedy trial or trial by jury; too many people will be missing from the jury pool. We can’t have witnesses against us, since the procurators of this type of government Stalin, Marks, and Alinsky are all deceased, but Hollywood could make up good look alikes. Eighth Amendment, because the fines and jail time for this unconstitutional law are too excessive, and the Ninth Amendment, the enumerations in the Constitution will be construed to deny or disparage the citizens of the United States. The Tenth Amendment defines the limited authority of the Federal government, to hold it within the strict boundaries of delegated powers, the reserved rights of the states and the people will be violated, I guess they will not be reserved.

                Fourteenth Amendment, Economic Due process will be violated, government will interfere with free market and cause business to pay more taxes for healthcare and subsequently causing them to go out of business and layoff hundreds of thousands or even millions of workers. This would cause workers not to be able to pay their bills and participate in a free society. I see another housing, credit crisis on the horizon. Substantive Due Process states government cannot interfere with certain matters, no matter the circumstances, Government will interfere everywhere with their antiquated ideas, and Equal protection of the law will not happen, the people being persecuted and prosecuted for not paying willing will be treated unequally as the people who actually receive healthcare free will enjoy the fruits of other peoples labor without persecution from the government.

                When the 2010 election happens and the Congressional power swings back from this “ Oligarchy “to center right and Obama and his crews policies are refuted, why can’t this healthcare bill be overturned or parts of it struck down as unconstitutional. This is not an Amendment; there are no two-thirds of the states involved and three quarters of the states approval. With the entire antithesis towards the healthcare bill, why can’t it be overturned, it seems there should be a great deal of effort put forth by Republican Congressional members to live up to their  new found conservative ideas . The ideas that were brought forth after 2008 debacle of an election should be followed. This country is not a socialistic country, and with all the patriotic Americans coming forward after the Democrats stated and acted on their swallowing without chewing style of governance, there is not a chance the American people want to be lied to again and would expect the new congress that will be voted in, too hold up to their conservative platform ideas they ran on to get elected. The Supreme Court in the 1930s struck down plenty of FDRs laws, the Supreme Court made it clear the legislation passed was undemocratic.   This was criterion for this period of time, not until 1937 when President Roosevelt’s tried to stack the court did this change. I would hope anything and everything can be done to disrupt this bill in the Senate, we as a country can’t afford these types of policies and the blind and deaf people in charge. Let’s make a bill that is sensible, there only needs to be repairs made to problems not a creation of many seen and unforeseen problems. We can have certitude knowing that real conservative ideas will be fought for on this idea, if this bill does pass, it would be prudent that the new conductors of this economy and the country, after the 2010 election, guide the country away from the iceberg.