Hey Redstaters ... A Liberal Challenge!

I know that most of you Redstaters support this site with both your time and money.  For some though, it may be more time than money. You know who you are.

I’ve posted about the quality of this site before. That got me to thinking about the huge effort involved keeping this site operational. Even though I do not support nor do I agree with many of the views here, I believe this site plays an important role in our American political discourse.  So, I felt compelled to click that contribution button and give some monetary support.  You don’t need a link, It’s in front of your face.

C’mon everyone, if a liberal thinks this site is important and worthy of support, maybe you should take notice.  This site is about presenting well thought out conservative views that shape the whole conservative movement. Eric goes all over the place to bring your ideas and comments to the mainstream and this site relies on private funding by its community. How conservative is that?  Maybe, some extra $$ will help push a Redstate 3.0 or 4.0 that adds cool features for the community.

I’m a liberal but I believe in a robust two party system. Redstate is an incubator for conservative ideas and message. I actually see your message starting to gel here. I come with my own liberal bias but I think Redstate is a place well positioned to articulate the conservative cause on a national scale. It’s important for our country to have more than one voice. As I said, I don’t agree with with everything here but I respect, appreciate, and consider the views put forth. I’ll even admit, that some of my views have been affected by my interactions here — the keywords and “some” and “affected” so don’t chock this as a win on your part.

So, I challenge all of you rock-ribbed conservatives to take the “less than a minuite effort” to click on the contribution page and give a bit, or even a bit more. For all you non-monetary contributors; are you going to just sit by and let a liberal out do you on this commitment? Are you going to let me claim the easy ground of  “put your money where your mouth (keyboard) is?”  Just a few dollars from each of you will ensure that Redstate thrives. I think it’s worth it. Do you?

Note: I clearly am not employed by nor influenced by Redstate to post this message. I just want to see sites like this stay up and vibrant.