Redstate: A Liberal Report Card

I am an open liberal on this site. I’ve been a registered member for awhile and have lurked here for more than 4 years. Like many of you, I try to get a variety of views across the political landscape and I routinely check both liberal and conservative blogs.

Of all the sites I view across the whole right/left political spectrum, I find myself most drawn to this site. Since I don’t agree with many of the opinions here, I’ve been a bit confounded as to why I have a special preference for this place. It obviously wasn’t about reinforcing my own political leanings.

I don’t have much free time to post, either diaries or comments. Recently, I’ve had some time to comment and I’m glad I did because the interchange helped me to focus and consider this site’s inherent qualities.

Redstate is unique in the blogosphere and if one puts political affiliation aside, the core strengths of Redstate are starkly evident.

First, the Front Page diaries are well crafted. The authors, all of them, are highly skilled, informed and accomplished writers. I’m not a writer but I know good work when I see it. It is of equal importance that each front pager brings a unique conservative perspective. I’ve learned a lot about the various shades of conservatism from their collective writings.

Second, are the member’s diaries – Many of the member contributors could easily be front pagers here. Most would be and more than a few are front-pagers on other sites. (I read most of their blog links) Again, well crafted writing and sourcing seems to be the rule and not the exception at Redstate.

Third is commentary — This is the slightly hidden gem on this site. I doubt any one could find an online community with so many informed members. I’ve sparred with some of you here and most of you really run me through the ringer. There is just no other site with a community of this high caliber.

Finally, there is the site policy: At first, I thought the Directors were a bit draconian in their moderation and guess what, I was right. They are! I later appreciated that they do this to maintain the very high standard that makes this place unique. Any acts of profanity, commando propaganda bombs, or downright rudeness are quickly dispatched. The Directors demand the same quality discourse of members that they individually exercise. They embrace merit – period. Now, that’s rare!

So this liberal gives Redstate an “A+.” I don’t do this to curry any favor. If you read this diary you would know that I don’t believe that’s even remotely possible here. It’s just an honest rating, without regard to political affiliation. You conservatives are lucky to have this place. There’s nothing even close on the liberal side.

(Aaron, pleeease!!!…it’s not my destiny!)