Yes, Government Controlled Health Care is Worse

In the hours Sunday leading up to the vote that will go down in infamy, I was engaged in a heated debate with a left leaning acquaintance.  He was so far left that he swallowed the line that not only were insurance companies evil, so were all profit making enterprises.  He was jubilant that the days of government run health care were upon us.

I warned him that the laws of supply and demand are not subject to the laws of man … In simple terms: Welcome to rationing.

His response: “Nobody will be turned down for care.”  My counter argument was to provide some examples from Canada, a story where a person was told to leave the hospital, having arrived with a stopped heart.  He response: “He could have gone to another hospital.”  The answer: “No he could not.”  Once the government has ruled, you lose your choices.

If fact, Canadians with money regularly use the USA for serious and higher quality care, especially politicians:  Canadian Newfoundland premier Danny Williams went to Sarasota Florida in February for heart surgery … a low-risk, low cost procedure “not approved” in Canada.

The sad fact is that government health care has to be rationed, or else costs will spiral out of control.  Thomas Sowell has written extensively on the matter and provides the facts.

Government health care around the world:

  • 23% of people wait  4 months or more for elective surgery.  5% in the USA.
  • 90% of Ontario, Canada patients wait 336 days for a new hip.  (Breaking news, now down to 182 days). In the USA: 7-14 days.
  • Canada has 11.2 CT scanners per million; USA 32.2.
  • Canada has 5.5 MRI’s per million; USA 26.6.

Bottom line: You have a better chance of surviving cancer in the USA than in Europe or Canada, according a National Center for Policy Analysis study last year.

Yes, government cannot do better then private enterprise … and we now risk destroying the best health care in the world.

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