Open Wiiiiiiiiide! Welcome to ObamaCare!

Ok, we have the BHO-care as law! Sigh!

I read the following from a ChangeWave email today:

Take Our Medicine, Please

Back in 2008, before the U.S. presidential election, Barack Obama promised to “spread the wealth” if he was elected president. Well, with today’s signing of the massive healthcare overhaul legislation, the country is about to see this happen.

While many of the changes to U.S. healthcare can be characterized as “middle of the road,” as President Obama described, there are obviously areas where the government is extending its reach too far — just as the vocal opposition has articulated consistently during the past year’s debate.

I haven’t had an opportunity to read the few thousand pages of the healthcare bill (why should I be any different than our elected officials?), but it’s certain that many details have yet to be sorted out. However, it’s also clear that cost-cutting and operational efficiencies will be the mantra in the industry and those companies that are best equipped to deliver products, services and technologies at economical price points will be the biggest winners.

Yep. We have officially joined the Socialist Alliance! What is that? If you don’t know, you are not “with the program”.

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