Hell hath no fury like a democrat scorned. Indeed, no one does outrage, real or feigned, like a democrat. And so it is that we have come to see legions of democrat talking-heads, spearheaded by two former democrat presidents and left-wing media apologists, attacking those who challenge the President’s agenda as “racists.” I guess that must include me, too.

The left is perfectly comfortable, in fact righteous, in its own role of vocal, often virulent dissent:

  • Free speech is regarded as one of the foundations of western civilization when it’s the Code Pink ladies or Earth First! people attacking Bush; but free speech is racism and the “thinly veiled” violence of reactionaries when it’s people like the tea party crowd.
  • Speech that attacks presumed excesses of power is a virtue when it’s Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid calling the CIA and Bush liars; free speech is racism when it’s Joe Wilson blurting out the truth that Obama lied about providing illegals health care.
  • Speech attacking Republicans as from the party of “old, white men” is fair comment, with nary a thought about any racial or other stereotypes; but if one opposes Obama, one is a racist.

It’s been 2 weeks since the President’s speech to the joint session of Congress and almost that long since the Tea Party March in DC. But a quick scan of the cable news channels over this past weekend shows that the chattering class is still at it, trying to make a case that all opposition to Obama is based on a loathing of the color of his skin.

Jimmy Carter came out of mothballs to tell us that he knows the opposition to Obama is simply deep-seated racism that still lingers in the hearts of white people who just hate to see a black man in office. Carter’s condemnation of the opposition gave the perfect cover to the faux journalists on most of cable and all the network channels to pound the “racist” theme to the exclusion of real news.

Always willing acolytes, the media trotted out speaker after speaker, (including President Clinton who managed to talk up both sides of the issue), to comment on Carter’s ridiculous comment.

This is all a feint, intended to draw attention away from the substance of opponents’ concerns and to dismiss all of us as knowing evil-doers and bigoted haters, or people who are just too simple-minded to know the racist motivations behind their own actions, people whose speech, in any event, should be ignored if not suppressed.

If any of the race war protagonists, or any of you, gentle readers, think that this has caused me to review my own thoughts or beliefs for signs of latent racist tendencies, think again. Rather, I chastise those who would make such spurious accusations against fellow Americans, many of whom voted for Obama, and many more of whom loyally supported him in the first months of his term.

(And, a special note to Mr. Carter: Go home and get busy doing something you know how to do, like building houses or wearing sweaters, and leave the rest of us alone.)

In its patent efforts to prop up this president they love, our pathetic news media jumped at the opportunity to attack his attackers, and to ignore embarrassing or potentially damaging news stories it should be investigating, such as:

  • The President’s flirting with accepting failure in Afghanistan by not providing more troops as requested by the military, even though he said this was the “right” war to fight;
  • The President’s single-minded (and I say simple-minded) solution to nuclear threats through unilateral disarmament;
  • The President’s weakening the country’s and our allies’ defenses by failing to make good on the long range missile defenses that we promised to deploy in Eastern Europe, a foreign policy give-away to Russia at the expense of new democracies and our own safety;
  • The President’s legitimizing Ahmadinajad as President of Iran despite the still contested election and the Iranian government crackdown on dissenters who reject the government-declared election results;
  • The President’s continuing to bend over backward for the increasingly intransigent bullies and saber rattlers, Iran and North Korea, getting nothing in return for his diplomatic largess;
  • The President’s allowing the criminal investigation into CIA interrogations to go forward, contrary to what he said initially, and further weakening our intelligence community;
  • The President’s throwing Israel “under the bus,” calling its settlements an “occupation” while continuing to reach out to its enemies, including Iran whose leader recently has again denied the Holocaust;
  • The President’s support of Manuel Zelaya, the left wing would-be dictator in Honduras who tried to go against his country’s constitution by overstaying his term in office, putting Obama on the same side of the issue as dictator-thugs Hugo Chavez and Brazil’s Lula De Silva (remember the latter’s tirade blaming the banking crisis on “blue-eyed white people”);
  • The President’s continued apologies for, but never praise of, the United States, once again decrying our past “sins” in his UN address today;
  • The President’s evasions about his associations with ACORN, the corrupt community organizing group that was instrumental in his election, that has already received tens of millions of tax dollars, and was scheduled to receive up to billions of dollars in stimulus money;
  • The President’s increasing the power of the executive branch by forming a legion of “czars” who have enormous authority and power and our tax money to spend, many of whom have dubious characters and credentials, such as admitted “communist” Van Jones;
  • The President’s failure to explain how the country will pay for any of his proposed agenda without amassing a huge deficit and burdening generations to follow;
  • The President’s changes and evasions on his health-care “plan” which is still not yet formulated as a specific plan;
  • The President’s embarking on a series of trade protectionist measures to please his union constituencies;
  • The President’s actions in orchestrating government takeovers of large sectors of the economy and further shrinking the private sector, the latest successful effort being the federal government takeover of all student loans to the exclusion of private carriers;
  • The President’s designs to eliminate or marginalize talk radio (aka dissenting speech) by means of resurrecting the so-called Fairness Doctrine via a “diversity panel” at the FCC to replace current programming with “local content” and content that represents more “minorities and women” but which will act to stifle conservative speech.

This list is by no means exhaustive of the types of policies that many of us oppose. And for voicing these concerns we are branded “racists.” One would think that the left, which applauds the freest of speech for itself (Remember how Bush was pilloried as a “Nazi?” The movies about assassinating him? Congress booing Bush at a joint session?) would stand up for all speech, even that of the opposition. Sadly, this is not the case.

Instead, the left is calling up the troops to fight a race war, thinking that the race card is an ace up their sleeve that will win the political game by stifling criticism of Obama and deflecting attention away from the real concerns of the day, such as:

  • the groups of terrorists determined to destroy us,
  • the nation states that support them and are determined to acquire nuclear arms,
  • and a Commander in Chief who thinks that the best defense is no defense.

In leveling charges of “racism,” the left and their media lackeys attack what now has become a majority of people in this country who either oppose or question Obama’s far-left radical agenda. But they will find the opposition is not suiting up to fight those phony charges.

I for one will not engage in any “racist” battle. I do not deem the attack worthy of defending. I stick a flower in the barrel of that charge, and challenge the left to turn around, and face our real enemies.