IMPOTUS TO DISSENTERS: My Union Thugs Can Beat Your Old Ladies

We don’t really have a President of the United States anymore, despite the fact that the putative president, Barack Obama, is still living in the White House with all the trappings of the presidency.

IMPOTUS, an acronym I’ve coined for “I am the President of the United States,” as Mr. Obama so often says of himself, (he did it again in a speech last Thursday) has ceased acting as president of the United States for some time now, his presidency done in by his own hand, by his own executive fiat.

He’s no longer acting as a President of the United States, but as a political ideologue representing only the approximate 20% of the populace considered to be the radical left base of the democrat party.

We saw it first in a change in his demeanor.  Gone are the honeyed words of post-partisanship, of post-racialism, of outstretched hands to unclenched fists.  No, he now resembles a 3rd world dictator, (maybe that’s why he’s so comfortable with Fidel, Hugo, & Manuel), jutting out his chin (always reminding me of Mussolini), and threatening to ram his policies down your throat if you don’t willingly go along.

Now we see pouting and anger when things don’t go his way, accusing others of wrongdoing, vilifying and demonizing the opposition.

As with all dictators, (remember Animal Farm’s Napoleon and his attack dogs), IMPOTUS has his union thugs, his moveon.org zealots, his (federally funded, convicted for fraud) ACORN activists, to do his bidding, apparently at his beck and call.

For that’s what happened just this week when IMPOTUS was displeased with the level of anger people showed toward his health care plan at town hall meetings across the country.

The people’s anger was not only justified, it was foreseeable, brought on by the fear engendered by IMPOTUS’s policies.  As Peggy Noonan, known for her measured tones, said of the protesters in her weekly Saturday Wall Street Journal column:

“And all they ask in return (from their congressman) is that he see to their interests and not terrify them too much.  Really, that’s all people ask.  Expectations are very low.  What the protesters are saying is, ‘You are terrifying us.’”  (Wall Street Journal, August 8, 2009.  Emphasis added.)

            Consider the sources of the protesters’ fears:

·         the 1,018 page health care bill that lawmakers have not read;

·         the report of the Congressional Budget Office that the plan will add billions to the deficit, and

·         undoubtedly result in millions of Americans losing their private coverage, and being dumped into the public plan;

·         the threat that the plan will take away or change our relationship with our doctors;

·         the plan’s imposing health care rationing, especially for seniors and the very ill;

·         the plan’s imposing an unprecedented level of bureaucratic meddling in our health care, one of our most private affairs;

·         automatic withdrawals from your bank accounts to pay for government health care;

·         on top of the other humongous, deficit-creating bailouts, the un-stimulating “stimulus,” and the pork laden budget; and

·         a cornucopia of new taxes proposed to pay for all the spending, from cap & tax energy taxes which will hit everyone, to VAT’s, to middle class income tax increases, to surtaxes on the “rich” (just wait- IMPOTUS will one day decide that you, too, are among the “rich).

A President of the United States would:

·         use his rhetorical skills to answer the people’s reasonable questions;

·         use his intelligence to actually read the bill and become familiar with its provisions;

·         learn what provisions of the bill are troubling people so much and try to address them;

·         try to enact a bill that is the best bill to serve the people as a whole;

·         listen calmly and with deliberation to all the people; and

·         take his time to get it right.

A President of the United States would not:

·         vilify dissenters from his plan as Nazis, fronts for the insurance companies, and right-wing corporate lobbyist thugs storming town hall meetings, saying they are just trying to “hurt” the President”;

·         ridicule over half of the population, (because it is now over 50% who oppose his heath care plan according to polls) including some of the very people who voted for him;

·         have his cronies disparagingly refer to protesters (incorrectly, by the way) as well-dressed Brooks Brothers types, the assertion being that they are just liars and paid operatives, and not genuinely concerned Americans;

·         cast the same aspersions on them as he did on “tea baggers” earlier this year; and

·         he would not allow his cronies, surrogates and others in his party to do and say these false, hateful things.

This is how the President of all the people would act and not act.  But what did we get from IMPOTUS this week?

The President’s People Calling Out Union Thugs:


On Thursday, August 6, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Jim Messina, sent the message out to democrat senators to “punch back twice as hard” at those contentious, but non-violent dissenters at recent town hall meetings. (Check out http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0809/25891.html)


Gee, how (un)surprising it was then, that the very same night, SEIU union thugs went to a town hall in St. Louis and beat up Kenneth Gladney, a black guy who had the nerve to sell buttons and flags to conservative attendees.


The attack on Gladney resulted in the arrest of SEIU union members for assault and disturbing the peace.  (See video of the assault and pictures of Mr. Gladney, who had to be hospitalized for his injuries at http://tinyurl.com/l53nub)


(By the way, while you’re looking at those pictures, try to identify the “Brooks Brothers” protesters.  All I see is regular folks.


And if those veterans and seniors have “manufactured” and “faked” the anger we’ve seen them show at these town hall meetings, as IMPOTUS says they have, then the best actor Academy Awards this year must go to them.)

The President’s Snitch Program

IMPOTUS, a former constitutional law professor who should know all about the First Amendment, is so upset about others expressing their opposition to his programs that he has now set up a snitch email campaign on the White House website.

He wants his many minions to email him information, including the identity of those saying “untrue” (untrue by what standard, please?) or “fishy” things about his health care proposal.  (See this unprecedented and outrageous website spy campaign at http://tinyurl.com/kpl3qe)

Query:  Since IMPOTUS has not read the bill, how would he know what’s being said is untrue?)

Something’s fishy all right:  This program is un-American, and probably illegal.  Many complaints about it, including some from people in his own party, have failed to get through the message how offensive and frankly terrifying this spy program is, or to get IMPOTUS to discontinue it.

To borrow and paraphrase from the Great Communicator, Ronald Reagan, let me say this loud and clear:

Mr. Obama:  Tear Down This Site!!

The President as Hypocrite in Chief

We have a Community Organizer who is now angry with people for organizing simply because their ideas are opposed to his.  What’s a celebrated and worthy activity for him, is an evil sin for others.

It’s OK for SEIU and ACORN (which gets your tax dollars to do its “organizing”) and moveon.org to organize and “get in their faces” as IMPOTUS famously said on the campaign trail last year, but when others organize in contentious but non-violent ways, IMPOTUS says:  “we will punch back twice as hard.”

Another example of this hypocrisy came this past Thursday as IMPOTUS gave a speech at a campaign rally in Virginia for a local senator.  (See clips of the speech at “The Two Faces of Obama” at http://tinyurl.com/nmjeey).

In that speech, IMPOTUS begins as a “uniter” but ended up as a “divider,” accusing some Americans of making the current economic “mess,” that others, like him, will have to clean up, stating that he didn’t want the mess-making Americans “to do a lot of talking” but to just “get out of the way.”

(I had always thought that there were multiple hands, spreading over multiple Administrations and Congresses–Barney Frank and the Freddie Mac “mess” for one–who contributed to our economic problems, but I guess it’s just IMPOTUS’s opponents who have made all the problems and who’d now better just SHUT UP!)

Mr. Obama, before your presidency becomes irretrievable, it’s time to stop campaigning and start leading America, taken as a whole, and with all her people, not just your far left base.

As you forever keep reminding us, you are the President of the United States, representing all Americans of every stripe.  Show honor to the honor bestowed upon you by the millions of trusting, hopeful Americans who have showered you with respect and goodwill.  They deserve and expect you to return that in equal measure.