Time to Fight Back

The Obama Administration is saying that people opposed to their Health Care Bill are just “Brooks Brothers”-wearing pawns being “orchestrated” by conservative groups and that their anger at town halls across the country is being “manufactured.”

This is the same disrespect and dismissive treatment that The Tea Partiers got earlier this year from the Administration, and shows a real disconnect with the American people!

As another part of the Administration’s trying to silence opposition, on the official White House web site, Big Brother is asking Americans to spy on each other by reporting “fishy” reporting on the internet about the Bill.  I guess that means me and this blog, too!  Take a look:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/Facts-Are-Stubborn-Things/

Obama voters, is this the kind of America you thought the President would bring?  If not, I urge you not to sit back and just watch things unfold, but take action along with the rest of us who believe:

·         this Bill is not change we believe in;

·         we are being lied to about keeping private coverage and rationing, especially for seniors;

·         that Americans snitching to the White House on other Americans’ exercise of free speech is un-American; and

·         we are ready to fight back!

Easy Way to Contact Your Representatives:

If you feel as I do that the current Health Care Bill HR 3200 should be stopped and that lawmakers should come up with a better plan to reform, not revolutionize, our health care system, you should check out the Townhall Online site below.

It’s a very easy way to contact your senators and congressmen to voice your views. 

There is an editable message pre-written for you, and the site will send your message either via email or letter to your representatives based on your zip code.

I just did it, and it took only a minute.

I frequently hear people complain about what is happening on health care.  This is a quick way to do something and voice those concerns.

Here’s the site:  http://www.responsiblehealthreform.com/node/8?origin=thn.

Consider Donating for Ads against the Bill in Key States:

If you would like to contribute more to the effort, consider making even a small donation to the League of American Voters which is sponsoring ads against the Bill in key states.  I heard about them through Dick Morris, author of the best seller “Catastrophe,” political commentator, and former Clinton advisor.

I have made a donation, and hope you will, too.

You can see the proposed ad, check the organization out and make a donation at:  http://leagueofamericanvoters.com/

It’s not enough to hope others will stop these outrages.  We all must act.