Attention Seniors and Anyone Who Wants to Live to Be a Senior: The Dems’ “Health” Care Plan Can Kill You.

           There’s no nice way to say this:  President Obama and the Democrat leaders in Congress are lying to you about your health care.  Under the guise of “fixing” the economy and the cost of medical care, they have adopted the Orwellian role of “Big Brother,” intent on substituting their collective judgment for that of individual Americans.


Make no mistake about it:  they will not be satisfied until their brand of government has taken over as much of the private sector as possible, a goal they are well on their way to accomplishing.


In the intensely private, life-and-death area of health care, Big Brother has set about not to reform our health care problems but to create an entirely new government-run system.


This mirrors what Big Brother is trying to do with our system as a whole:  tear down capitalism so that a socialist form of government can emerge.  They are using the recession as an opportunity to revolutionize the very foundation of our government, rather than merely reform it.


Big Brother uses lies and fear tactics and overwhelming complexity coupled with an impetuous rush to act in order to accomplish their ends:  redistributing wealth from the “haves” to the “have-nots,” ends which in their view justify any means.


How do they lie to you?  Let me count (at least some of) the ways.


Lie No. 1:  Our Health Care System Is in Crisis and Must Be Replaced.


            The truth is Big Brother wants to take over health care because it occupies about 1/5th of the economy, and therefore would go a long way toward accomplishing the “ends” discussed above.  Once they get hold of health care, we’ll never get it back in private (your) hands.


As one of the President’s political mentors, the 70’s radical Saul Alinksy, wrote:


“A revolutionary organizer must shake up the prevailing patterns of (men’s’) lives-agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with the current values, to produce, if not a passion for change, at least a passive, affirmative, non-challenging climate.  (Rules for Radicals, 1971, Saul D. Alinsky, Prologue, pp. xxi-xxii.  Emphasis added.)

And so we see the President using his rhetorical skills to hammer away at how bad our health care is, which is not true, but necessary to convince people in order for “change” to take place.  The truth is that our health care is the best in the world, with people deprived in other single payer (state run) health care systems coming to this country for treatment.

In fact, around 85% of Americans say they are satisfied with their health care coverage and their doctors.  I always thought that 85% was a solid B, not the failing grade that the President and his cronies are alleging.

While we do need to do something for the remaining 15%, we don’t need to tear down a system that is working for most, especially if it means replacing it with a gargantuan, incomprehensible, bureaucracy-expanding nightmare that is the proposed House Bill 3200, (the “Bill”).

          Lie No. 2:  Their Health Care Plan Will Save Money.


This one is really a whopper.  In the last month the independent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in 3 separate reports has projected that the health plan’s trillion dollar price tag will result in increasing costs and therefore the deficit, already swollen by the (failed) stimulus.

(Attention young people:  you will be paying for the rest of your lives for Big Brother’s power grabs, and the outsize growth of entitlement spending, and you, as much as anyone, should be fighting back.)

Common sense tells us that if you add millions of people to an already strained health care system, then costs will rise, taxes must rise to meet them, (just today Larry Summers said the Administration couldn’t rule out a middle-class tax increase), and coverage will be reduced (rationing).

            Lie No. 3:  You Can Keep Your Health Plan If You Like It.

Last week, I detailed the dishonesty in this frequent mantra heard from the President.  (Check out the piece entitled: When You’re That Smart, Who Needs Facts? linked at the sidebar.)

It bears repeating here that Obama is disingenuous at best because any public option will eventually lead to a single payer.  They want single payer, folks, because that’s where the most power is.  A public option plan leads to single payer by squeezing out the private sector over time.

            Lie No. 4:  We Aren’t Advocating a Single Payer System.

Catch Obama describing himself in 2003 as a “proponent of single payer universal health care” and vowing that we’d have it when the Democrats take back the White House and the Congress.  Watch how passionate he is in this video clip and convincing about his desire for single payer, and then compare it to how (unconvincing) he sounds today about protections for Americans in the Bill (the one he admits he hasn’t read and isn’t familiar with.) http://www.pnhp.org/news/2008/june/barack_obama_on_sing.php.

This same single payer sentiment was recently repeated by Representative Barney Frank when confronted by proponents of single payer.  He said that he’s all in favor of single payer, but that getting a public option is the first step to getting there.  (Check it out at http://atr.org/barney-frank-public-plan-best-route-a3616.)

            Lie No. 5:  Seniors Have Nothing to Fear.

As a lawyer, I’m used to reading unreadable pieces of legislation and regulations that state and federal governments produce in such vast quantities.  (You would think they are being paid by the word.)

But even with my legal education and experience, a scroll through the 2,541 sections of the Bill (with its multiple sub-sections and sub-sub-sections) is enough to make your head swim.  (The Democrat Rep. from Michigan, John Conyers, summed up why he wasn’t going to read the bill by saying that he’d need 2 days and 2 lawyers just to get through it.)

It’s also enough to make you angry, because a subject so intimate and important in each individual’s life, should not be dealt with in such a convoluted, opaque (whatever happened to transparency?), incomprehensible, truth-obfuscating way.  For a bill this important, every American should be able to go online and read it and understand it.

I’ve read in its entirety the section of the Bill on “Advance Care Planning Consultation” for seniors and the terminally ill.  I think it is shocking that this is what is in store for Americans who make the mistake of growing old and/or sick.

The bottom line is that “orders for life sustaining treatment,” (which will be made by some government board) will be explained to the individual who can state his or her preference, but does not have control over the order made.

Big Brother would like these individuals to quit being a drag on the economy and the health care system and to agree to “limit some or all specified interventions.”  (The Bill, Section 1223, subsection (hhh)(1)-(5).

Translation:  These mandatory consultations will have as a main purpose encouraging the very ill and seniors to agree when stating their “preference” to “limit” or forego such things as:

·         intense medical intervention;

·         transfer to a hospital;

·         use of antibiotics;

·         use of artificially administered nutrition and hydration.  (See subsection (hhh) (5)(A)-(B), sub-subsections (B) (i) through (iv).

So let’s get this straight:

·         In the first place, seniors and others deemed too old and/or ill to benefit from a treatment for a long enough period of time will have their health care rationed;

·         (Why give them a pacemaker or a hip replacement or dialysis or chemo treatments when a more able-bodied, younger person-perhaps even an illegal alien who is covered under the Bill-may get more years’ benefit out of it);

·         We have enough taxpayer money to provide subsidized health care for 12 million illegal aliens;

·         We have enough taxpayer money to spend billions for clunker cars at $4,500 apiece, (which supports Big Brother’s UAW voting bloc, and props up the industry Big Brother just bought (conflict of interest here?);

·         We have enough taxpayer money to pay for abortions, also covered in the Bill; (I guess “privacy” protects a woman’s choice to end the life of a viable fetus, but there’s no privacy protection for the elderly or ill to make a choice and prevent the government from prematurely ending their lives.)

·         We have enough taxpayer money to pay for the extremely expensive transgender sex-change operations;

·         But there’s not enough money to pay for antibiotics and a little liquid nutrition for seniors and the terminally ill so they don’t die of thirst or starvation;

·         And we put those seniors and the ill on the spot to agree to this treatment in advance so we can say we’re not responsible for ending their lives.

I say that as Americans we can do better than this.  We don’t need to fix the 15% that is the problem by tearing down the 85% that works.  We can reform, not revolutionize.  And we don’t need to do it on the backs of those least able to protect themselves, the old and the ill.

Our Declaration of Independence proclaimed that all men are entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” not just the young, the able-bodied, or those in key Democrat constituent groups, like union workers and illegals.

Our Founding Fathers had it just right; Big Brother’s got it wrong.