Mike Cox Launched New TV Ad; Leading Gubernatorial Poll

Last Monday, Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Mike Cox launched a new TV ad spotlighting his background as a U.S. Marine, a prosecutor and the attorney general.

The 30-second ad opens with pictures of Cox when he was in the Marines, representing his tough military discipline and transitions to his plans for Michigan. He’s described as a conservative reformer with a plan who will cut reckless spending and say no to new taxes.

As a prosecutor and Michigan’s attorney general, Cox has taken on a lot of tough fights. He stands up for what he believes in and isn’t one to back down.

For the past eight years, Michigan has been going in a downward spiral under Governor Jennifer Granholm’s administration. It’s time to clean up her mess and put Michigan back to work.

Michigan needs someone who won’t just talk the talk. It’s easy for candidates to tell their voters what they want to hear, but Michigan needs someone who will actually perform, and that guy is Mike Cox. He’s a proven leader and has shown that he can do more with less in his own office as Attorney General.

The most recent EPIC-MRA poll shows Mike Cox leading the race, with Congressman Pete Hoekstra losing his 12% lead.