Cox Leads MI GOP Gubernatorial Candidates

EPIC-MRA released a new poll on Friday, June 18, showing Attorney General Mike Cox leading the five GOP candidates in their run to be Michigan’s next governor.  It looks as though big-spender Congressman Hoekstra has more competition than he thought. 

After having maintained a steady lead for months, Hoekstra had a rude awakening when EPIC’s poll bumped him out of the lead.  With the August 3rd primary election just six weeks away, Cox came ahead of Hoekstra, who once had a 12 percentage lead.  Cox’s numbers prove he is the best suited candidate to be Michigan’s next governor.

The poll was based on telephone interviews with 400 likely voters in each party.  Cox overtook Hoekstra with 26%, Hoekstra 24%, Rick Snyder 20%, Bouchard 16% and George 2%. 

Cox recently won the endorsements from Right to Life of Michigan, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the influential power-house Republicans Dick and Betsy DeVos of west Michigan. 

“That just shows you that when 74% of Republicans describe themselves as pro-life, having the endorsement of Right to Life can make a real difference,” said Bernie Porn, president of EPIC/MRA. “And when that coincides with the chamber and the DeVos’ endorsement, you’ve got kind of a hat trick.”

It’s not just the endorsements that have helped Cox, but people are realizing how much of a Washington man Hoekstra really is, including his horrific voting record, raising the debt ceiling and wasteful spending.  People are tired of Lansing and Washing spending, and they won’t let another big-spender be the face of Michigan. 

Hoekstra losing his 12 percentage-point lead is significant.  It’s a big slap in the face to the Hoekstra camp.  He’s not as favorable as he once thought he was, and there is stiff competition in this race.

Cox is a fighter.  He knows what needs to get done in Michigan, and he isn’t one to shy away from getting the job done.  His record as Attorney General is nothing less than impressive, and he has always been one to protect the people of Michigan.  Between his battles with Blue Cross, getting child support from dead-beat dads and fighting the federal government’s health care reform, Cox is a man of honor and has a remarkable plan to turn Michigan around.