Tax Hikes aren't the Answer, Cong. Hoekstra

Taxed Enough Already!  For far too long, we’ve had “leaders” in office who continue to take our hard earned dollars right from our pockets while we try to keep our families afloat.  It’s time to stand up for what’s right and put a stop to the taxes.  I’ve traveled all over Michigan to a handful of Tea Parties, and I know first hand that people are upset; people are frustrated and people are mad. 

To add to tax payers’ frustration in Michigan, is gubernatorial candidate Congressman Pete Hoekstra’s past of being a supporter of a huge income tax hike!  Sure, we all know our country has an outrageous deficit, but it shouldn’t have gotten out of control in the first place.  The idea is to CUT SPENDING and CUT TAXES. 

Hoekstra ran this not-so-brilliant idea past his Congressional colleagues to institute a “patriot tax” or “war tax,” proposing a three percent patriot surtax on income.  It was a horrible idea, and my fellow tea party folks and true conservatives in Michigan know this and don’t like him at all.  Congress has shown they can’t be trusted.  Temporary taxes are not a solution.  You give a dog a treat, and they keep coming back for more, much like Washington continuing to hunt down more money from taxpayers year after year.  

“I have constituents who look at me like I’m crazy.  They tell me that Congress already has plenty of money.” -Cong. Pete Hoekstra (Harrold, Richard.  “Hoekstra: Temporary New Tax Could Help Defecit.”  Holland Sentinel.)

Hoekstra knows his constituents in Michigan are not happy with his decisions, but he doesn’t seem to care.

The last thing we want in Michigan is another tax.  We cannot afford to have Pete Hoekstra come into Michigan with his Washington ways of spending.  We are fed up with the Congressman’s mad ideas and his voting record when it comes to spending.  Tea partiers across the state won’t be standing by him on August 3rd’s primary.  Enough is enough Mr. Hoekstra.