Cong. Hoekstra: Not A Fiscal Conservative

Fiscal conservative.  The term we use to describe those who consider reduction of overall government spending and national date.  It’s also a term we use to describe advocates who avoid defecit spending.  Don’t spend money you don’t have; sounds like common sense, right?  One would think.  However, our government believes differently and continues going down the road of wasteful spending.  It often seems like they are playing with “monopoly money.”
It’s plain and simple, Congressman Pete Hoekstra is not a fiscal conservative.
He says he is one of the most fiscally responsible members of Congress.  That isn’t saying much.  The last thing Michigan needs is Washington spending in Michigan.  Thankfully, Michigan is finally coming around, and taxpayers are realizing just how potent Congressman Hoekstra is.
Voting for the Wall Street bailout.  Growing the budget by a trillion dollars.  Expanding our debt limit by $5 trillion dollars.  This is just a taste of Hoekstra’s scary voting record, and they are not the type of things fiscally conservative people vote for. 
Michigan needs a fighter, and we need someone who is going to protect our money.  A voting record tells a lot about a person and defines what they stand for.  I’m glad people are seeing beneath Congressman Hoekstra’s campaign, and see how threatening he would be to Michigan’s economy and the future of the state.