SC Chamber Of Commerce Has Officially Declared War On Taxpayers


Last week the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce rushed to condemn Beaufort Republican Sen. Tom Davis’ amendment that seeks to stop Obamacare in South Carolina.

“Please oppose the potential compromise amendment drafted by Sen. Tom Davis as well as the full nullification bill. It negatively impacts the business community and will hinder economic development,” the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce email read.

The controversial email sparked many reactions from state senators and business owners.

State senator Shane Martin (R), sent this message out via Facebook:

“The State Chamber of Commerce now supports Obamacare! H.3101 is the bill to stop Obamacare in SC. This is terrible as they are supposed to represent those same businesses that are being harmed by Obamacare! Call the State Chamber and tell them how you feel.”

Otis Rawl, CEO South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, reportedly made the unilateral decision to condemn H3101 and Davis’ amendment without the boards’ approval.

Business leaders are disappointed because the Chamber did not stay neutral on this important bill. Grassroots activists say that the Chamber’s email is misguided because the statements are based off of old language of H3101, not the new language of the Davis amendment.

Case in point:  H3101 is not a nullification bill, rather it uses an anti-commandeering mechanism that is perfectly legal and Constitutional.

Anti-commandeering approach has a long running precedent of being upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court, most recently in the Printz vs. United States case.

Fox news contributor and legal analysis Judge Andrew Napolitano said that South Carolina has the Constitutional right to pass H3101 and believes it could be model legislation for other states.

Obamacare is the largest tax on the American people which begs the question: why is the Chamber siding with big business and corporate lobbyists instead of the small businesses they claim to represent?

This is not the first time the Chamber of Commerce has made controversial decisions though. Last year they announced they would spend over $50 Million to fight Tea Party candidates who seek to limit government and fight for lower taxes. They also came out to support controversial common core standards.

It’s one thing to stay neutral on an issue like Obamacare, it’s another thing to declare war on the State Republican Party who is trying to block the use of South Carolina taxes to pay for the implementation of Obamacare.

South Carolina citizens and business owners are urged to call Otis Rawl at the SC State Chamber Office and tell him to stop supporting Obamacare in South Carolinians.


South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
1301 Gervais Street
Suite 1100
Columbia, SC 29201


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