Is Palin Disrespecting Republican Voters?

I have always liked Sarah Palin.  I liked her even more after hearing her speak on her recent bus tour.  Sarah Palin’s refusal to play by the rules and outsmart the media has been very entertaining.  After all, who else could have caused such a stir with a simple Facebook post?  However, at this point in the game, her failure to announce her candidacy is bordering on disrespectful to many Republicans.

It is not good enough for Palin to just stand against something. Sarah Palin must stand for something.  It is clear from Palin’s speeches that she stands on solid conservative ground.  She even outlined a plan to get America’s economy moving again in her Iowa speech.  However, her decision about running for President never came.

Sarah Palin has worn out her welcome with many conservatives who remain undecided.  She has consistently disrespected many Republican candidates by attempting to upstage them in the media. These candidates have done the hard task of raising money, appearing at functions, debating other candidates, and defending their records.  It is time for Palin to show some respect for Republican candidates, but more importantly, for Republican voters who need to make a tough decision.  It is time for Sarah Palin to announce her intent.

While I remain undecided, I am ruling out candidates.  Quite frankly, I would have liked Palin in the race.  Unfortunately, like so many others, I am ready to move on from Palin as a potential candidate. In politics, timing is everything.  She had my attention. She had several great opportunities to enter the race.  She gained as much free media as possible. Now, Republicans need to concentrate on serious solutions and electing a serious candidate to challenge Obama in 2012.