Arizona SB 1070 perpetuates the stigma of stupidity...

Those of us suffering diminished natural intelligence (DNI) just can’t get a break.  Try as we might to overcome the stigma of stupidity, some among the millions in the DNI community insist on reminding more intelligent Americans of our handicap.  They are doing it again over the dang (AZ senatorial campaign lingo) Arizona immigration bill and it will be our undoing.

The best way for us to overcome the stigma of stupidity is to keep our mouths closed, which is why, in many months of lurking here, I have never before posted on RedState.  Anonymously reading the Morning Briefing over breakfast each day has been a great way to learn what makes you conservatives tick.  Absent crumbs in the keyboard, it was all good, until Arizona SB 1070 came along, exposing our stupidity as never before.

I have tried to do my part by persuading my fellow DNI victims, including less intelligent friends and relatives, to tone down their misinformation campaign on SB 1070.  They have done so, because they understand the catastrophic implications of this ill-concieved opposition strategy, but for some reason, our heroes, the elites of the DNI community, do not.  These elites, our uber-stupid, continue to make damning public statements that we will never live down.  The mainstream media amplifies these declarations, causing us to be seen as stupid liars by our more intelligent fellow citizens.

My President and his Attorney General, neither of whom have yet read the bill, have spoken out against it, with the President warning of possible harassment at ice cream shops and the AG concerned with potential rights violations based on what he has heard on the news.  As a result of their carefully considered analyses, each has stated the federal government is considering legal action against the state of Arizona.

Our southern Arizona congressional representatives have weighed in on the issue as well.  Raul Grajalva (D-AZ), my favorite socialist-leaning member of the House, has actually called for an economic boycott of his own state by the rest of the country.  My congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), has called SB 1070 “extreme” and “divisive,” trying to be circumspect as she attemps to reinforce her flagging Blue Dog status in an uphill battle for re-election.

The reaction to SB 1070 by these elites is typical and not at all helpful.  They believe they can say things without the rest of the country realizing they are intentionally misrepresenting the bill, forgetting that the average American, by definition, is smarter than they are.  At this rate, we are never going to eliminate the stigma of stupidity.  Our cover has been blown, our cause undone and Arizona SB 1070 did it.

But…there is always hope.  The power of the DNI community is undeniable, as proven by the change we brought to Congress and the White House in the last election cycle.  Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the support of millions of Americans afflicted with “”Transient DNI.”  Unfortunately, most are recovering from this temporary condition.

That’s it!  We just need another Transient DNI epidemic – maybe we can put something in the water – say, the first week in November…