Taking the Voters for Granted

As a Volunteer State Republican, I’m active in a number of Republican organizations, including the county party and my local Republican women’s club.  This is the time of year where our programming folks have absolutely no trouble finding Republican candidates wanting to come speak to us.  After all, it’s Primary Season, and we’re fortunate, especially on our local level, to have a number of Republican candidates vying for a spot on the ticket in November.

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Rep. Joe Carr, who is running against Lamar Alexander, several times.  And let me tell you – I’m impressed.    He is the sort of Republican we can send to Washington to help support Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others who believe in liberty, conservative values, and The Constitution.  Rep. Carr is making the rounds, talking with the voters, asking for their support.

Which is as it should be.

His opponent, the Democrat in Republican Clothing, Lamar Alexander….can’t find him with a search warrant.

I’ve heard it said that Lamar doesn’t like doing public engagements.  Really?  Isn’t that the whole point of being an elected official?  Getting out there and meeting the folks That Hired You to do your job?  It appears he’d much rather stay in Washington with his friends, many of whom had a D after their name, than to come back home and face the wrath of many of the grass-roots voters who are fed up with him and his abysmal voting record.

Our programming chair reports that the Alexander camp won’t respond to her frequent emails so she’s stopped asking.   He was invited, then cancelled at the last minute, to attend our county Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner.  And on Monday, when over 400 Republican women were gathered at the State Capitol for Ladies Day on the Hill, he also cancelled at the last minute.  It appears that Sen. Alexander may be taking his Republican base, especially the women, for granted.

Let him.  The less we see of him, the better.  In the meantime, we need to throw our support behind a man who is actually out there asking for our vote, Joe Carr.