Kim Davis Is Wrong

Kim Davis: the Rowan county clerk of court has been causing quite a stir lately by refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples. She sites her Christian faith, and God’s authority for refusing to do so. Some have called her a martyr; she has been hailed as an example for conservative Christians. However, Kim Davis is not a martyr; neither is she a good example.

Gay marriage is legal in the United States. Whether one agrees or disagrees with the supreme court’s decision doesn’t change that fact. A clerk of court’s job is to issue licenses based upon the law. When Ms. Davis accepted her position she knew what her responsibilities would entail. She accepted the duty knowing the nature of the US court system and that laws change.Whether Kim Davis agrees or not, it is part of her job. If she can not perform her duties because of her moral objection, then it is then her place to step down.

In the same way, if Kim Davis were a Muslim, she would still be expected to issue liquor licenses, because that is part of her job description. Now, in Kim Davis’ case the law has changed while she is in office. However, in the US, that is to be expected. One must consider that possibility when running for offices like these. I understand this. I’m a nurse, and there are certain jobs I will not apply for because of the possibility that I may be called on to assist in an abortion. To do so, would be against my moral beliefs. That doesn’t change the fact that if I accept a job where it may be part of my duties, that I am expected to do my job regardless of what I believe. My point in saying this is simple: do not apply or run for an office that, in order to do your job, you must compromise your morals.

The right thing for Kim Davis to do is resign her position. She doesn’t have to change what she believes, but if those beliefs prevent her from doing her job, then it is her place to step down.


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