Donald Trump: The #1 Reason He's Not Presidential Material

Donald Trump. He’s not presidential material. Not because he’s crass, or hasn’t fully explained his platform. No, it’s a lot more simple than that. The real reason he shouldn’t be president is because he’s unashamedly selfish.

Donald Trump made his billions being selfish.He is, in fact, extraordinarily good at being selfish, and looking out for only himself. He didn’t care who got hurt when his various businesses went bankrupt a total of four times (and counting). As long as it profits him, Trump is perfectly happy, regardless of the greater good.

In the business world, that’s okay to some extent. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, and Trump is good at playing the game. But that’s not okay in the Whitehouse. A president has to care more about the greater good than his own good. He must care about future generations, and consider them when faced with policies that would “kick the can down the road”.  A president should not seek to further his own interests; instead he should be fully devoted to making America better for her people and her children.

After years of looking out for Mr.#1, do you trust Donald Trump to put his personal interests aside for the greater good? If so, please contact me; I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

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