The Resolve to Fight for Life

I have to admit that I was quite discouraged after Gov. Perry suspended his campaign. In fact, I felt terribly disheartened about the whole process. However,  I have been infused with some new resolve.

Last week, on my way to an appointment, I had some time to kill, so I stopped by a second-hand book store. One of my favorite topics besides politics is medicine. When I noticed a book about the experiences of a nurse, I picked it up. I quickly skimmed a little of the book, and since it looked interesting I decided to buy it. I finally got around to reading some of it yesterday afternoon. It was not long before my blood pressure started rising. The nurse turned out to be an ultra liberal, and an advocate for euthanasia. She believes that it is just fine to “snow” a terminally ill patient by overdosing him with pain medication until the patient dies. What’s more is that in her opinion, the family should not be allowed to make end of life decisions for the patient. She believes it should be a doctor’s decision because “the family is too emotional to choose what is  best for the patient.” Believe it or not, this book was published in 1978!!

We all know how far this movement has come today. This was a wake up call for me. Even though I already knew about this spreading mindset, it was a reminder that we must continue standing for life. We can’t become discouraged because of recent events.

If we do not elect a republican president, and Obamacare is not repealed, I’m afraid this will happen much more often to people who are handicapped and do not have the “quality of life” that “normal” people do. The government will see them as a drain on society because their care costs so much, and the practice of “humane death” will become widespread.

We must fight for life AT ALL STAGES!! We cannot give up, even though we are discouraged. We must get behind a pro-life candidate that can beat Barack Obama , and that man in my opinion is Newt Gingrich.