Is there a Doctor in the House?

I think I may be suffering from a syndrome called: “strangle the media”. My symptoms include: sudden urges to shoot my radio when a certain theme song comes on, ask another radio queen if she’s satisfied, and just  forget Faux News in general. I believe I contracted this disease after a certain governor’s campaign was continually berated, down-played, or simply left out. My symptoms have become much more intense since yesterday.

Ok, all joking aside, I am angry at how Gov. Perry was pushed out of the race. What angers me most is that it was not by the will of the people. Yes, I know he did not do well in Iowa or New Hampshire, but look at those states a little closer. We really don’t know what happened in Iowa. Yesterday, I heard a report that some of the votes have gone missing. We know that Democrats crossed over to skew the results in favor of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. No one expected a real conservative to do well in New Hampshire. We were going to get the REAL DEAL in South Carolina. The truth is, people were open to Gov. Perry, I talked to many of them! But Gov. Perry had one big enemy: the media. Day after day pundits tried to push Gov. Perry out of the race, and eventually they succeeded. Due to the media’s continual bombardment, Gov. Perry’s last poll number in South Carolina was a dismal two percent. I know the polls aren’t accurate, but it still speaks to voters being influenced by media bias.

What kills me is that the voters never really got to have their say. Going forward, I think we should learn a lesson from this election. Never, Never, let the media, even the so called conservative media, tell us who the nominee should be. I hope and pray that the South Carolina primary is won by someone other that Mitt Romney, the media’s nominee.

Perhaps my syndrome will dissipate with time. I doubt it, though.

I end with Gov. Perry’s quote from yesterday:

“And this I know, I am not done fighting for the cause of conservatism. In fact I have only begun to fight.”