Forget the Nay-sayers: Perry IS popular in S.C.

PLEASE do not let anyone tell you that South Carolina’s voters have written Gov. Perry off.

Since Wednesday evening, I have called almost two hundred South Carolinians and only about ten said they would not support Rick Perry; one of them was a democrat, so go figure! Everyone else was either very receptive or already voting for Gov. Perry.  My favorite conversation was with a sweet little lady in her golden years. After I told her who I was, she said she had heard about Gov. Perry but “didn’t know anything about him”. I told her that he is the governor of Texas and all about his record. The first question she asked me was, “Well, is he a Christian?” “Yes, ma’am” I said. Then she wanted to know if he had been married more than once. “No, ma’am” I said, and I proceeded to tell her how he met his wife, Anita at a piano recital. I told her that Gov. Perry was pro-life, and she said “Now that does mean that he doesn’t support abortion, right?” “Yes, ma’am” I said again “Gov. Perry is a leading advocate for life.”  “Good” she said, “because I won’t vote for anyone who supports abortion.”

We talked for at least fifteen minutes, and at the end she said “Well, I think my husband and I are going to go vote. We weren’t going to, but we will now! Thank you for calling; I’m going to go to bed now.” It was about 7:30pm EST. 🙂 Before I hung up, I told her that she could go to RickPerry.org if she had any questions, she replied “Honey, we don’t have a computer, and if I did, I wouldn’t know how to work it. Anyway, you already answered my questions.”

That was one the best phone calls I’ve ever made for Gov. Perry’s campaign. The great thing though is that so many of the people I talked to really like Gov. Perry.

So, don’t give  up y’all!! Gov. Perry is still in the fight no matter what anyone says!!