Gov. Perry: The best man to lead our military

There are a lot of great reasons to support Gov. Perry. He has wonderful record of creating jobs and a good energy plan. Who doesn’t like his plan to cut 5 trillion from the budget? I get slightly giddy at the thought of filling out my tax returns on a postcard, and part time congress would be heaven! These are all good reasons to support Rick Perry for president, but I have another reason; one that is closer to my heart.

I have two brothers in the military. One of them will be deployed to Afghanistan next month.  The prayers of my family and I are never far from them, and even though we know they are in God’s hands it’s never easy to have someone you love in harms way.

It concerns me that our president signed into law a piece of legislation that his own generals said could cost the lives of our brave men and women in uniform. To me, that is reprehensible. One of a president’s main concerns should be the safety of our troops, and to never put them I any more danger than is necessary.

It’s obvious that we need a change; someone who will do everything within their power to protect our country and our military. Rick Perry is the one person in this race who has a track record of unfailing support for our troops. Gov. Perry can relate to our troops because he’s been where they are now.  In fact, he is the only candidate other than Ron Paul who has served in the military. Most importantly, he genuinely cares for our soldiers and their families as evidenced by the many stories of kindness and compassion he has shown to our troops.

While this might not be the greatest or best reason to support Gov. Perry I think it deserves consideration. After all, who do you really want holding in their hands the lives of our servicemen and women?