The 112th Congress: Challenges and Responsibilities

Let’s assume that come January 2011 there is a Republican majority in the House and, at a minimum, a cloture-proof minority in the Senate.  Additionally, we’ll assume that conservatives are a majority in the Republican caucuses in both chambers.  All is well and we’re happily on our way to restoring sanity in the country.  Or, are we?


Even if this scenario plays out, the new conservative members of Congress (and the country) face major challenges that are just beginning next year.


The Beltway Plague


Will the newly elected conservatives fall under the spell cast by holding office in Washington?  Will they govern by the principles that got them elected or devolve into just a new crop of junior members of the ruling class?


We would like to think not, but we’ve been led astray before.  The Senate RINOs are in party leadership positions and control prime committee assignments.  Will the goodies they offer the new freshmen be too much to resist?  Or, will the incumbent RINOs threaten and coerce the new class?   


Egos and RINOs could quickly dilute the conservatives’ effectiveness, not to mention a loss of support back home.


Obama’s Blame Game


Should the new conservatives in Congress be cocky, foolish or simply dumb, they will miss or ignore the obvious: Obama will position them as his punching bag.  One can imagine Obama at the podium with his trusty teleprompter:  “I am working tirelessly to do the things that will restore the country….blah, blah, blah…and the radical Republicans continue their obstruction and refuse to support my efforts on behalf of the people.”


Obama will be focused on his 2012 reelection bid and hopes for a progressive comeback.  Nothing will deter him; he’s proven facts are meaningless and integrity irrelevant.  His entire administration will forcefully and continually negatively propagandize the conservatives.  Republicans should not underestimate the viciousness of the coming attacks and their potential impact.


The Mainstream Media Will Never Change


Obama’s blame game will be enthusiastically supported by the mainstream media.  If the Republicans even faintly believe the MSM will acknowledge the will of the people as expressed in 2010 election and take a more honest tact in its reporting, they are beyond naïve. 


Media attacks will be vicious and unfair.  As always, the Republicans will be misrepresented, ridiculed and, likely, suffer personal attacks.


The newly elected conservatives must work to please the voters who sent them to Washington, stick to their platforms and values.  Attempts to gain the approval of the MSM will prove disastrous.


The Magnitude of the Task


The election success in 2010 is not about repealing Obamacare.  It’s not about stopping Cap-and-Trade or Card-check.  It’s not even about deficit reduction or controlling insane spending.


The new conservatives in Congress are being sent there to begin the long and arduous task of reversing almost 50 years of subtle but effective efforts by a small minority of progressives to remake our representative republic, driven by personal responsibility and free enterprise, into a European-style social-democracy.


The lunacy of Obama’s first administration is only the culmination of the quietly subversive efforts of labor unions, academia, the media and social elitists that have been underway since the mid-sixties.


The effort to reverse the progressive momentum may take another 50 years, but it must begin with the conservatives elected to the 112th Congress.  They must not only be successful for the next two years, but must lay the groundwork and fulfill their voters’ expectations so their successors can continue the work.




History will judge the actions of the 112th Congress.  It can be one of those special points in time where a stand was taken and a country, as it was originally envisioned, was saved.


Or, historians, perhaps sadly, will write about the squandered opportunity for the republic’s salvation.