After the November Storm

No matter the degree of Republican success in the November elections the new conservative Senators and Representatives will face a challenge that will impact this country for years to come:  Can they live up to the expectations of the people who will vote for them in droves?


The progressive Obama regime has crystallized the dangers of big government intrusion, ruling class arrogance and excessive spending in the minds of the electorate; however, these dangers have been creeping up on us for decades. 


How could this happen in the US?


Short answer:  the people stopped paying attention to what the politicians were doing; therefore, the politicians stopped paying attention to the people.  It ain’t rocket science!


The people are now paying attention, very close attention, and, by all accounts, Republicans will win enough seats in the House and Senate to, at a minimum, neutralize the progressives’ agenda.  But will they?


An increasing number of conservative Americans feel they have become disenfranchised.  They believe politicians of all flavors are self-serving hacks… particularly in the case of House members who have strayed far beyond the desires of the Founders for Representatives who are close (philosophically and geographically) to their constituents. 


And, in the case of the Senate, the Seventeenth Amendment (replacing the states’ appointment of Senators with their popular election) retained the pseudo-aristocratic aura and 6-year terms of that chamber …providing even more insulation from accountability to the citizens.


Senators and Representatives are conditioned to believe there is little need to listen to the people.  Incumbents manipulate a system that almost guarantees reelection.  They believe they are rightfully entitled to their positions.


Will the new 112th Congress have the intestinal fortitude, courage and lack of selfishness to change the institution?


Will Washington’s insular and ego-inflating environment quickly turn this ‘new’ crop of Senators and Congressman into reincarnations of the ‘old’ crop they replaced?  Just how much impact will private dining rooms, adoring staff and moneyed lobbyists have?  Will their passion and principles pale after two or six years of being courted by the media?  Just how important will it be for them to be accepted by the Washington ‘insiders’?


Only time will tell.  All human beings are fallible.  However, will enough of them display even a small portion of the Founders’ courage and fortitude?  None will be hung by the Redcoats if they fail.  But, should they fail so fails the country.