Observations of the O’Donnell Victory

Now that the smoke has cleared and dust has begun to settle, what did we learn from Christine O’Donnell’s win over Mike Castle?

  • O’Donnell’s victory capped off a primary season that dramatically displayed the  country’s unrest.
  • Supposed shoo-in candidates backed by the national party (particularly Republican) turned out not to be the ‘gimmes’ most pundits believed they would be.
  • Money, the life blood of campaigns according to conventional wisdom, can be trumped by passion and the internet.
  • Professional politicians are out.  Candidates from the people (as in We The People) are in.
  • Establishment-supported candidates are sore losers.  Mike Castle fails to call O’Donnell after the election, much less offer his endorsement.  Lisa Mulkowski toys with a write-in campaign in Alaska.  Classy, these establishment folks.
  • Americans get it!  Washington’s arrogance, seizure of power, reckless fiscal policies and drift to the left has culminated with the Obama regime.  But, that drift has occurred over the last 50 years…and it may take that long to reverse it.
  • Politicians who govern against the will of the people, no matter their party, will, ultimately, be held accountable.
  • Voters assign bipartisan blame for the mess in which the country finds itself.
  • The electorate fully recognizes that the November and future elections are very, very critical.  The periodic ebb and flow of political power shared between two entrenched parties must be replaced by a revolution at the polls. 
  • Starting in January, the new crop of conservatives going to Congress takes the attitudes and tools to affect major change; it remains to be seen if they will have the resolve to achieve the expectations they have set for themselves.
  • And, Karl Rove is not the cool, collected analyst most thought.  The inexplicable animus he directed towards Ms. O’Donnell significantly diminishes his reputation and brings his true motives into question.

The Republican establishment’s actions this election cycle may not be attributed to its inability to understand the country’s mood; they may understand it fully and choose to ignore it for self-serving reasons.


That leads to one quick question:  Could the obstinacy of today’s Republican establishment lead to minor third party status for the GOP???