A Contrarian View: It Ain’t the Economy, Stupid

Despite the hardship and uncertainty brought on by the miserable economy, the driving imperative of the anticipated conservative tidal wave in the November elections is long-building boiling rage human beings feel when constantly belittled and insulted by those who believe themselves superior in all ways.


A pending foreclosure, unemployment and distress about the future of one’s children and grandchildren are, admittedly, stimulants for political change.  However, conventional wisdom has deemed the hardships of a sinking economy as the prime reason for today’s discontent.  But, is the economy THE motivator for what the passion we see in the country today?


The prejudice and bigotry (yes, bigotry) heaped upon average Americans by the ‘ruling class’ makes that which is supposedly directed towards Muslims pale in comparison.  Whole segments of our population are accused of everything from racism to being, well, just ignorant.  What other element of our population undergoes endures such ugly, broad based stereotyping?


The assault on us backward Americans has intensified recently, accentuated by the panic of progressives and their media supporters, but it is not new. 


We were stupid zealots when supporting out troops unabashedly…not just in the current conflicts, but those that came before.


We were not intellectually capable of understanding, much less believing, the doomsday predictions of the global warming crowd.


We are essentially pagans for having the audacity to find comfort in our spiritual beliefs.


We’re not clever enough to understand how the congressional wizards designing the Healthcare Bill can spend $500 billion…twice, and only count it once!


The list could go on and on.


A stack of unpaid bills when unemployed creates stress, deep concern and a desire for political change.


Years of insults of our intelligence, character, morals, and religious beliefs call for fundamental and cultural change.


It’s our pride and our souls, stupid.

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