Tone-Deaf RNC and Their Alaska Lawyers

Let me get this right.  RNC attorneys are jetting to Alaska on behalf of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign as the tabulation of absentee ballots moves forward and a possible recount looms in the future.  Hmmm.

The election was a Republican primary.  Joe Miller, as I understand it, is a Republican.  Murkowski, also by understanding, is a Republican.  And, is not RNC actually the Republican National Committee. 

Am I naive?  Aren’t national political committees actually to remain neutral in intra-party campaigns?  Does the RNC not represent the Republican Party in its entirety?  Apparently not.

I have followed Michael Steele and his variousgaffes.  And, with interest, I note millions of dollars traditionally destined for the RNC coffers now deposited in the accounts of various Senate, House and Haley Barbour’s and Karl Rove’s fundraising PACs.  Wonder why?

Steele’s Bozo-the-clown impersonations pale in importance to the RNC’s last line of defense of the pre-1994 ‘go-along-to-get-along’ GOP…coupled with a serious case of ‘Geez, we’re losing power’ syndrome. 

Mulkowski threatens (or at least does not rule out) an Independent or Libertarian candidacy if she loses to Miller.  And, the RNC’s legal beagles rush to Juneau on her behalf.  Will they not also arrive soon in Tallahassee demanding hanging-chad votes for Bill McCollum?

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