Rational Florida Republican Party Leadership?

Today’s news reports of Bill McCollum’s terse post-election comments as well as speculation some Republicans could endorse Alex Sink for Governor are very insightful.

McCollum’s statement sounded very similar to his campaign ads, an encore of the speculation about Rick Scott”s honesty.  There was no endorsement of Scott and one questions if that endorsement will ever be forthcoming.  McCollum’s antics could be attributed to emotions of a sore loser but it is likely more.

The deeply entrenched Republican establishment in Florida, which includes McCollum, appears more concerned about losing its power base than the resonating philosophical message sent by the voters.  The Republican elite’s power is threatened and, like all politicians, power is, ultimately, the sole reason that elite exists.

Consider just the thought of Republican leaders supporting Sink.   The message is loud and clear:  “We know Alex; she knows us.  Us elites, Republican and Democrat, are all comfortable with the Tallahassee way of doing things.  Our boat won’t be rocked too much.”

Should McCollum continue his childish behavior and other Republican leaders indeed support Sink, the rage of conservative voters directed toward Tallahassee will equal that currently reserved for Washington.  And, the ‘incumbent politicians are all the same’ paradigm will again be reinforced.

In the end, politicians want to be reelected.  And, Florida Republicans are politicians.  They will ultimately endorse the candidate they feel provides the best opportunity for their reelection.  Will that candidate be Sink or Scott?

The answer should be obvious to most reasonably sane observers.  But who ever considered lifetime professional politicians of being reasonably sane?

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