What ‘Libertarian’ really means. [Closed]

[I’m closing this thread because the original poster was a troll, and we’re taking the bait. But he’s banned, so it’s time we moved on. – NS]

I thought I knew that before I joined this site. I am now finding it means or is used for a great many things, some of which I find unusual uses of the word.

I do know what it means to me. That is basically: The U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and believing in most of the platform of the LP, of which I am no longer a member, as of 2010. I became a Libertarian officially in 1978 when I first registered to vote and checked the box marked ‘Libertarian.’ or maybe it was a write in I don’t really remember. I do remember who I voted for President for the first time, Ed Clark. It wasn’t until the 90’s that I heard of or read Ayn Rand, which is a whole other tale in itself. I did see the ‘Fountainhead’ at a film festival or a movie house but I guess I didn’t read the credits.

Since I’ve been here I found ‘Libertarian’ means all sorts of things. The most common is that I indulge in something called ‘Ron Paul worship’. I certainly know who he is at this point. I like him and voted for him for President when he was in the LP. Then he left. I have met Dr. Paul three times in my life. Once at a meet and greet at a convention. The second time in Washington, DC where I spoke with him for about 10-12 minutes. This surprised me and caused some jealousy and unfortunate remarks by other people there. He was the one that walked up to me, I was just having some coffee and a pastry. The last time I saw him was a few short weeks later in Texas at a political event. He acted like he recognized me, though I thought this was probably my ego. Shortly before he left he walked up behind me put his hand on my shoulder and said ‘I’m surprised to see you here.’ ‘Family,’ I replied gesturing to a small clump of them. He could tell by my look he could say something he might not otherwise say, “you have my sympathy, ‘ I nodded and was about to say something when an aide whisked him away. One of my cousins came up and said a few moments later, ‘I heard what he said to you. You took it pretty well. I would have punched the son of a bitch in the mouth.’ I commented we should get to the buffet, since it looked like the shrimp was getting low. That pretty much sums up my incidents of ‘Ron Paul worship’.

The next thing I have found out is that I support abortion. That one really surprised me. As someone who has actually spent time on his knees, on a hot Texas sidewalk, saying the Rosary in front of an abortion clinic, I found that one a bit much. Just the way folks here just casually throw that one out as if it were some self-evident fact, like the sky being blue, is just so frickin’ stupid it does not deserve further comment.

My favorite is that Libertarians are the enemies of Liberty. It sounds like some folks around here are really devotees of Saul Alinsky but like the Conservative Look. We all know what they say about the Flag, the Bible, and scoundrels. I actually have several members in my immediate and extended family in the Progressive category. They come in two flavors, Democrat and Republican. Oddly enough these are the first ones to jump at political office or some other prestige position. I usually have to be ‘bribed or blackmailed’ into attending ‘social functions’, or ‘sitting on the such and such committee’ or someone from such and such wants to talk to you or whatever.

Sometimes, like with the Earmark Ban, I am told that I need to be ‘Politically Active’ that day. I was actually ahead of the curve on that one. Sometimes I get told I am supporting someone, like with the last congressional election, where I was told to take down the Libertarian crap outside my house and someone would be by later to put stuff up for Blake.

I will have to say this for some of my more unpleasant relatives. They are a lot more clever and lot more high-end than most of  the Progressive faux ‘Conservative’ crap I’ve read here in comments. Not to say all I read here falls in that category. Most of it doesn’t.

They are actually the same basic group, now finding a home here in this movement. Like their Progressive brethren of the Left, they change their name a lot. It’s fun learning the new ones. It’s still the same basic bunch though. Now before any real Conservatives get mad I am not talking about you, I have no serious beef with real Conservatives. I am speaking about infiltrators and these folks have been in RNC before I was even born. Now they are here. They went into to both parties. Their biggest harvest so far has been the Democrats, of course, however there are quite a few here. Currently I call them Progressives, before that it was ‘Bolsheviks’, and, of course, the original, ‘Marxist.’ What they are really are, is a sub-species of narcissists who keep pets. These pets are either hostages or reactionaries. Reactionaries are people who are allergic to change. Narcissists are good at collecting people. It’s one of their needs. This is a scary time for them and sometimes when people are scared they get dangerous. I do have to apologize though. This piece wasn’t really about Libertarianism at all.