Senator Kay may need to come home.


Nov.16th, 2010

Corpus Christi, TX

Now I like Senator Kay and the two times I met her she was very nice to me. I was surprised that she spoke to me so long the second time we were in the same room. I don’t now and never have agreed with her on every single thing. I like her though. What impressed me about this Lady, is that instead of reciting and spouting, she discussed and seemed to have a good grasp on what she spoke to. Lately though I have had some concerns that have caused me to wonder if, maybe, it was time for Senator Kay to come home.

My first concern is not earmarks. I have always despised earmarks from the first time I was aware of them as a teenager. Sometimes I even despised the ones in my own district.

I just figured after all this time it was hopeless. Like some life long addiction among Members of Congress and Senators and then in the final stages of the illness they turned to lobbying to support their habit. No real hope.

My first concern about Senator Kay’s possible need for a rest was the result of her response regarding my position on the shameful, intolerant treatment of Juan Williams. This blatant example of bigotry and bad taste came at the hands of NPR and it’s true ruler Ellen Weiss, as well as that incompetent figurehead Vivian Schiller. This type of behavior, I would like to point out, is something usually associated with, according to Progressive NPR, Conservatives and, sometimes, Libertarians. Her response was, understandably form but on topic, that she, of course, understood how I felt. However, she still steadfastly supported the need for Federal Funding of Public Broadcasting including the voice of the genteel Left, NPR. I was disappointed. I feel strongly about this and it will affect my vote.

My opinion is that if you, Senator Kay, want to keep NPR, then fine. Merge it with Voice of America and get rid to those two ladies. And no more cash from George Soros until America gets a clear idea who this guy really is. What country is he actually a citizen of and where does he pay taxes? Lets hear what this one truly has to say. Who knows maybe we’ll…I doubt it, but I’d like to hear him give it a shot. If he thinks he knows what’s best for everyone then let everyone hear it in a televised public forum, like C-Span or something. I do not believe the Federal Government needs to be funding his propaganda outlets. I have heard, from reliable sources, that he has plenty of cash.

I’ve called and sent email and signed a petition (online) about the earmarks. I still think Senator Kay is a Great Texas Lady and all that. I would like to suggest that Senator Kay might like to listen up. Not to me Ma’am, to the People. If you need to know just how the People are feeling and thinking; Ma’am, ask the Governor. He will tell you with four simple words. ‘ People are fed up.’