Texas District 27: Some Very Important aspects of a polarized district and a contested Congressional Seat; with links for independent study.

Nov. 15th, 2010

Many could say Texas District 27 is a polarized district. That observation would be correct in multiple ways.

This District has two areas that compete for Federal Dollars. These two areas are at opposite ends of the District. The one at the district’s northern end is Corpus Christi and the Texas Coastal Bend. At the extreme southern end, on the border of Mexico, is Brownsville and South Padre Island. This is an interesting aspect of polarity in this district. Here are some aspects.

The North End: Part of the Texas Coastal Bend, the northern part of the electorate is centered in the City of Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. Some areas of note are Robstown, a Democratic Stronghold and reliable source of extra votes for the Democratic party, as well as Flour Bluff and the Island. People here like to vote and they are independent folk. Their main concern is what they feel best for their end of Padre Island. The following link is a good introduction.


These are some area media links:

The Corpus Christi Caller Times – www.caller.com

KIII-TV – www.kiiitv.com

KRIS-TV – www.kristv.com

KZTV-TV – www.kztv10.com

The South End: Brownsville, Harlingen, and South Padre Island are home to the other major part of the electorate. This area is next to the border towns of Matamoras and Progresso, popular destinations for tourists and Texans alike. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brownsville,_Texas This link contains a wealth of information including media links and information on this area’s host county, Cameron County.

Cameron County is traditionally considered a reliable source of needed votes for Democratic Candidates. A good way to study this popular opinion is to review comments at www.caller.com attached to articles relating to TX 27 2010 Election coverage.

THE STUFF IN BETWEEN: This is some good stuff. Here’s some of it. We got:

The King Ranch –Just south of the City of Corpus Christi is an Institution of Texan Culture. This is the Great Ranch of Texas and there is no dispute, seriously, about that. The King Ranch is larger than the nation of Israel. It sits on a huge amount of oil. It produces cattle, grasses, heritage, and wildlife. It is a National Treasure of Texas.



The Rio Grande Valley– Officially the Rio Grande Valley, known in Texas as the Valley. This is an area of abundance of many things. My favorites are fruits and vegetables, a winter garden! I believe we have the best ruby red grapefruit in the USA! Come on down, taste it! It’s great! This is a link to a good article from Wikipedia on this part of Texas.


The longest barrier island on Earth, Padre Island, TX, USA! – Both ends are important to District TX 27. Corpus Christi is near one end and Brownsville is close to the other. A large part of it is also a National Seashore for the USA.



In addition to Padre Island (Father Island) is the Laguna Madre (Mother Lagoon), a giant nursery for seafood and wildlife. They are side by side, read about it.


Our US Military presence – Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NAS_Corpus_Christi and Naval Air Station Kingsville., http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_Air_Station_Kingsville

Uranium – This is a valuable mineral in interesting times. Here is a link to an informative article that covers uranium mining in South Texas.


Oil and Gas – Our part of the Texan contribution to our Nation’s energy supply.

A good read on oil and gas reserves in the United States of America.




From My San Antonio, an article about a recent Chinese acquisition of Texan natural resources:


Another article on the same subject from the Christian Science Monitor:


Now meet two of the neighbors, Dr. Ron Paul and Mexico.

Our Neighbor to the north, Dr. Ron Paul:

I don’t feel Dr. Paul of Texas District 14 needs an introduction, though for those who need a refresher course here is a link to his site. http://www.ronpaul.org/

Dr. Paul is generally well thought of in his neighboring district, TX 27, across demographic lines as a matter of fact. He would get many votes if lines were redrawn. He’s usually referred to as ‘Dr. Paul’ in this part of Texas.

Our Neighbor to the south, Mexico:

Until the Revolution we were part of Mexico. For many of us, there are no hard feelings, especially among true Catholics, and few seem to have a problem with visiting the neighbors on either side, especially if food, beer, or shopping is involved. Plus you get to go a foreign country without a passport, oh yeah, you used to. An interesting historical note; Officially Mexico considers the proper boundary with Texas to be the Nueces River and not the Rio Grande. The Nueces runs through District 27 at the northern end. It runs out on the north end of the City of Corpus Christi (Did you know Corpus Christi means ‘the Body of Christ’ in Latin?).

In Brownsville, this part of the border is starting to get rough. Previously that was up in Juarez across from El Paso way off to the west, now it’s coming down here following the Rio Grande River. Matamoras and Progresso, which are popular border towns have begun to experience cartel violence. Corpus Christ is still peaceful in that regard at the end of 2010.

For more information on the Mexican Border consult Fox News, http://www.foxnews.com/

These are some of the aspects of Texas Congressional District 27. For more information this is a good overview, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas%27s_27th_congressional_district

Links to the 2010 candidates/A contested race for Texas Congressional District 27.

Blake Farenthold (R) generally known as ‘Blake’ or ‘Blake Farenthold’.


Solomon Ortiz (D) Universally referred to, across demographics, as ‘Solo-mon’ with a Spanish pronunciation and sometimes as ‘Solly’.


Ed Mishou (L) A recent convert from the Republican Party, for the election.


For final results of this contested election contact:

The Hon. Hope Andrade (R) Texas Secretary of State: