A good review for Senator Jim DeMint.

Nov 14th, 2010

Corpus Christi, TX, USA

Up until the day of this writing I did not know too much about this gentleman. I had certainly heard the name. The first time, to my recollection, was in relation to that election in South Carolina. That was unusual, even by the standards of the Southland. This was no reflection on the Senator by any means, just a curious event to me. I thought I had read something about him in relation to this site, like he was on the board of directors or something. I was sure I had seen him on Fox News, my main source for US news, but at the time he hadn’t stuck in my mind. Today however was different.

After Mass, and a lengthy ride home due to a dead car battery, I got home, changed my clothes, had a snack, and turned on Fox News Sunday. I had it on as background noise actually because I was planning on typing out some well meant advice for one of my Texas Senators, Kay Bailey Hutchinson. It’s something I feel she needs to hear from one of her Fellow Texans. I like Senator Kay but I am starting to think she might need a rest.

For some reason I got distracted by something on the set. I turned and I looked and I saw a man on the screen of the TV. ‘That guy looks like a young Ronald Reagan. I wonder who that is?’ I thought.

Right after I thought that, Chris Wallace, the thoughtful host, said something to the effect of ‘Welcome Senator DeMint’. Chris Wallace is a very good host and has an uncanny knack of asking almost the same exact questions I’m thinking about 70% of the time. Now I knew who that gentleman was.

Senator DeMint was answering questions and my attention began to drift off when Senator DeMint made a remark that went straight to me, favorably. Senator DeMint admitted to being, ‘a recovering ear-marker’ (His exact words) and then offered up some concise and practical steps towards effective rehabilitation. He did an excellent job. What he said was good to hear on the Sabbath after Mass. He has a good grip on what most of the People want on this issue. Like one popular governor has noted, ‘People are fed up!’ Senator DeMint has it right. I hope the rest of America, on other networks, listens up.