My wish list for the 2012 Presidential.

Nov.15th, 2010

These last days of 2010 are a busy time both up in Washington, D.C. as well as for folks cleaning up messes on the local level like here in TX 27. In stressful times the mind seeks relief and one pleasant temptation is to turn one’s thoughts to 2012. There is nothing wrong with planning ahead and sensible recreation actually contributes to good job performance. So keeping that in mind and not trying to put the cart before the horse, I would like to share my ‘dream tickets’ for 2012.

My dream ‘Dream Ticket’ would be a one term Presidency for Dr. Ron Paul in tribute to his service and in deference to his years at it. For Vice President on this ticket my choice is Governor Gary Johnson.

Dr. Paul enjoys wide popularity outside of the Party and the Movement, sometimes in surprising places. One that really surprised me was in the African American community.

Governor Johnson will attract growing attention and did really well that time I saw him on Sean Hannity. Also the above ticket can have any of these following folks in the second position and still be just as effective.

My second, but not by far, selection is: Speaker Newt Gingrich / Governor Sarah Palin. To me, this is the A1 choice as far historical continuity and enthusiasm are concerned. Speaker Gingrich provides a vast body of Congressional and Governmental experience and knowledge. Frankly he has the necessary gravitas and dignity for the office compared to the probable opponent. He is a Catholic and the Church needs a shot at redemption in the eyes of the American People. Governor Palin is certainly worthy of the office. I feel that since she still has younger members in her family, a VP slot might be less strenuous at this time. There would still be opportunities to support the movement, maintain standing, as well as have other relevant experiences to holding a Federal office. It would take less time away from a young family. She and her husband, Mr. Palin, have been models of living the right to life ideal and also of family. Governor Palin has shown signs of having an exceptional level of vitality. I might be able to bring home some rabbits or a javelina, but a moose? We don’t have moose in Texas. I’d be lost. Governor Palin is exuberant, as well as insightful with a good deal of potential for the future. This is a powerful team.

Just as a quick side bar, if demographic concerns arise a good running mate for all of these fine candidates would be Secretary Condoleezza Rice. People often get excited about the achievements of others from their home communities. I know I do. Expressions of congratulations are understandable and should not be considered a reflection on someone’s integrity.

It’s always good to have back up. Here is my choice for Plan B: ‘Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann / Congressman Jeb Hensarling’ –This is a potent match as far as hardcore Conservative candidates go. Only some closet Progressive or a total reactionary would have a problem with them on this side. I would be seriously afraid of these two if I had that ‘progressive’ chromosome some folks wrote articles about here. I could see these candidates doing some damaging smack downs. One good thing about this ticket is that you could have either candidate in each slot and it would be just as effective. Both of them walk and talk. Just saying.

If you want to get as serious as a heart attack with the rest of America then you might try my own governor, Texas Governor Rick Perry and add Congresswoman Michelle Bachman. I don’t even feel the need to go in to that one. It speaks for itself. I personally think Governor Rick does best here in Texas. Texas could get rough in the days ahead but hey if the Country needs him I don’t think I have any problems with that. I doubt anyone can seriously convince me that Congresswoman Bachmann would not be well qualified for the Vice President spot. It would just be a waste of time. Speaking of which, you just got yours back.