Links related to Texas District 27.

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Links of interest in Texas Congressional District 27

http://blakefarenthold.comThe website for Congressman Elect Blake Farenthold.

www.republicanpartynuecescounty.comNueces County Republican Party

www.co.nueces.tx.usNueces County Courthouse (home of Democratic County Clerk Diana Barrera)

[email protected]Diana’s email address

Local media links – (all four major ones work in tandem with each other and essentially function as propaganda outlets for the Democratic Incumbent Solomon Ortiz (D).

www.caller.comThe only major local newspaper.

http://wethepeoplenews.netWe the People newspaper (small influential smear rag; Though it does actually does decent investigative reporting on local issues)

www.kiiitv.com (KIII-TV; ABC)

www.kristv.com(KRIS-TV; NBC- same company owns the CBS affiliate)

www.kztv10.com(KZTV-TV; CBS)

Lastly, the link to the Incumbent’s website.


Nov. 8th – Caller Times reports Ortiz is seeking $13, 000 in donations to pay for recall.