Summary of the race for Texas Congressional District 27 for Nov. 6th, 2010

2010 the race for Texas Congressional Seat 27 is in the following situation.

On Nov. 5th, victory has been tentatively settled on Blake Farenthold (R) and local Tea Party candidate. Mr. Farenthold won by a margin of 56 votes (at present count). At the close of the election the Office of the Secretary State of Texas gave Mr. Farenthold (R) the office with a margin of 799 votes with all precincts reporting. The day following the election the opponent Solomon Ortiz (D) refused to concede defeat and publicly he stated he wanted a recall. On Nov. 4th 2010 a small bag of votes was produced by the County Clerk Diana Barrera (D). It contained 7 votes, all for the incumbent. Additionally more boxes of votes began to appear. The votes counted giving Mr. Farenthold (R) a revised margin of 56 votes. The status of the recall is uncertain with no formal action taken by the incumbent.

Additional challenges face Mr. Farenthold (R) if a recount takes place. There is limited and biased coverage of him as well as extensive favorable coverage of his opponent. Mr. Ortiz (D). Mr. Ortiz (D) is portrayed as an elder statesmen and a person who brings Federal dollars into the area. Mr. Farenthold (R) is portrayed as inexperienced and slightly irresponsible. A major theme of his opponent’s advertising campaign was based on a photograph of Mr. Farenthold (R) in a pair of ‘ducky pajamas’ which was used in TV commercials, billboards, etc. as well as being featured in the Huffington Post. Mr. Farenthold advertising primarily his position and solution to various issues facing America. It should also be noted that the photograph used was taken at a birthday party at a private residence. The media market in Corpus Christi, TX is limited and acts in tandem. Coverage is virtually identical. The primary providers of information are four; The Corpus Christi Caller-Times (newspaper and website) and three major television stations (broadcast, on cable, and internet). Two of the television stations, KRIS-TV (NBC) and KZTV-TV (CBS) are owned by the same company. KIII-TV is the ABC affiliate and usually the most watched. There is a moderate viewer ship during noon do to a good sized number of senior in the area. There are also smaller less watched outlets like KAJA-TV and Telemudo as well as PBS and others. There is a good-sized ‘talk radio’ market as well. Several minor print newspapers round out area coverage of events. There is a small paper ‘We the People’ that is influential in the area and presents an interesting contrast in style. The images are of the American Flag, the Constitution, and Bald Eagles. It does good investigative journalism and has a decidedly Left point of view. It opposes Mr. Farenthold (R) and does not give him favorable or unbiased coverage. In it’s voters guide it used an unflattering photo of him, larger than the others and being the ‘Ducky Pajama Photo.’ In it’s informed the reader of rumored ethical concerns not substantiated.