TX District 27 - Texas toss up on the Rio Grande

Corpus Christi

Nov,2 2010 (12:02 am)

Texas District 27, which extends down the Texas Gulf Coast to the Rio Grande River, has now been declared a official toss up by Real Clear Politics. A few short months ago it was considered a safe seat for the Democrats only moving away from them in the last few weeks of the election. Congressman Solomon Ortiz is expecting his 14th term but 13 may prove to be the District’s lucky number if predictions prevail.

The only political analyst in town (for all TV stations and the paper),  a nice guy named  Dr. Bob Bezdek, has a slight lead of ‘ one or two points’ to Ortiz. Dr. Bezdek is actually a fair man and he is probably factoring in a lack of polling data and also is familiar with the local culture.

Congressman Solomon Ortiz has a namesake, Solomon Ortiz, Jr, who is also a state representative. Additionally a younger brother, Oscar Ortiz is a county commissioner. All are on the ballot this year.

Another local race concerning some interest is between Abel Herrero (D) and Connie Scott (R) for a seat in the state house, Herrero being the incumbent. Scott started hard and early in her campaign with Herreo stuck with only an ‘I maintain law and order’ commercial while Scott hammered him hard. Early complacency left Herrero with ground to catch up before launching his own belated attack which got an immediate response.

The main items of memory were the Ducky Pajama Scandal (covered by the Huffington Post) and the resulting Ortiz-Martinez defamation suit.

Local media coverage was basically in black-out mode with little local information available to citizens.